This credit should be directed at improving the banking system. The first
condition : India should provide an annual report to assess the level of capital
banks. National Bank must submit their own audit, rather than internal reports
banks, so there is international practice, and Ukraine is not an exception
underreporting of bad loans when reporting ). second:
government must submit a work program with problem banks .
Third: The World Bank expects the presentation program to protect the interests
depositors. Specifically, the disclosure of the "ultimate supervisors of banks, bank
supervision should be more transparent. Fourth, the state must decide
what to do with public banks. Now there are 5 pre-crisis
- There were 2 (Ukrgazbank , Rodivid , Kiev, Oschadbank, Ukreximbank ). state
should be, according to the World Bank, the time the investor. That is, after
stabilize the situation - it should come out of this investment. World Bank
also wants to see the exit program from the state nationalized

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