Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko urged the government instead of a PR campaign
to do the actual financing of programs for Euro 2012 .

As correspondent UNIAN correspondent, he said during the meeting
with the leaders of cities that are planning to host the European Championship
Football. V. Yushchenko noted that this year the National Bank of Ukraine
Government has allocated 42 billion UAH. that have been printed. "For 18 years
no government has not received such an unprecedented funding
by printing money. Grivnyu planted because of lawlessness in the financing
government ", - President said. He recalled that the official deficit
budget is currently 31 billion USD. "The National Bank
deficit financed half of the state ", - he said, noting
"If it were Sorochinskaya fair, it would say" dad, kinchayte
torguvati, bo zdachi dumb obtain Dawat ". V. Yushchenko called on the Prime Minister
Ukraine and the head of the Ministry of Finance to realize that printing such
large amount of money in the fall of the economy in the 30% - this policy which
can cause great controversy in the market price. V. Yushchenko also noted
that the government should allocate all the funds needed to finance
objects of Euro 2012, and in particular those that were obtained by conducting
special auctions. He told me that is very hard to organize similar
auctions to raise money for Euro 2012. "In order to organize an auction
Tuesday, it means to me, the chairman of the National Bank to ring up
half a dozen bankers, so they came up for sale. I offended that
the work that we have identified and fully funded, one-third
until now specialized tools are not the prime minister conveyed "
- The President said. He asked the audience whether it is a deficit
funds, or a deficit of responsibility. V. Yushchenko said that policy
Government cynical. "Either let the government will end public relations, and will
bend upward, or if further, and especially the Prime Minister, a
policy will continue to be that speculation about sports facilities
and relations with the mayors will take these funds for purposes of a political nature
then do not have to meet us here "- the President said. He stressed
that adequate financing facilities of Euro 2012 - duty

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