Wallpaper has never attached the picture of the walls of flats , which would
caress your mind and might surprise guests, Newbie to you for a cup of
tea. In this article we will give you several options for decorating

If you have a solid collection of family photos, you can make a huge
family wall, where from the bottom to the top and will be located photos
your parents, family members, relatives, your children's photos. All
it would be nice look, if the size of cards are not the same,
such as from 9h13 to 20x30. If a lot of pictures much, you can slightly
experiment and, picking up a pair of scissors, cut someone's body and
glue them to other photos. I'll guarantee you get Kalash at the highest
level, if you try. If you can not find a huge number of photos
you can find anywhere on the street an old road sign and hang it
in the center of the wall, and from him to draw on different sides of the road through thick
markers. If you're a vivid picture of life-moments, then not necessarily
have a lot of pictures, you can have a total of 20 pieces that you zapihnet
in scope, and breaking two dozen holes in the wall to decorate it beyond recognition.
And to make your photo picture just does not hang, you can leave them
artificial leaves, which are sold in the store. If you are just that
pokleit wallpaper of the same color, and you do not like monotony of the room, then
bought a couple bottles of paint, you can paint any picture that
want. If you yourself can not, then, a little digging in the ads, find
people portraying to the apartment walls. Another way, instead of
to ordinary wallpaper paste, buy photo-wallpaper. Then once you decorate your
wall liked drawing. If you do not find you a picture, then
can order the wallpaper, while allowing the desired picture from your home collection
or by selecting one of those that you will offer in-house producer. And the
intellectual side, which you can do - is a set of shelves
for books and souvenirs. On a wall not only pay attention, but still
and will be asking you a lot of question about this or that writer or about the place
where they had been brought souvenirs. And if you do not regret the money, the shelves can be
do with lights, then at any time of day, you can enjoy your
creation. From all the above suggested, you can choose one thing, but
this should not stop, because each of us can come up with an exclusive
Alternatively, the apartment wall.

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