How many and what make private regional gas companies annual revenues of regional
sellers of gas in Ukraine, industry estimates of 4 billion USD. More
government decided in the summer - the money from gas consumers should do
NAK Naftogaz in a specially created state-owned enterprise "Naftogazmerezhi."
Its regional branches in most areas are in the process of formation.
They need to get gas distribution network, which last
15 years run by private companies. Although most of the state and region
gorgazov owned shares (in some - blocking) effect on
their work through the supervisory boards and management representatives of the government
could not. During the 3 years in most regional gas companies even conduct meetings
shareholders could not. The state company "Gas of Ukraine" from the beginning
heating season gets from regional distributors around 75% of the cost
allotted to fuel and end-users, primarily public,
calculated at 95%. About 20% of the money ends up in private pockets oblgazovskih.
At the same time the top managers of these companies regularly refer to the National
Electricity Regulatory Commission with a request to raise tariffs on transportation
gas. The tactics of private shareholders of regional gas companies is clear - as
delay the process of transmission networks to the state. It's not just in an effort to
longer - until the end of the license in April - to sit in traffic flows and procurement.
Not the fact that the new president will be Tymoshenko, and the new prime minister - her
protГ©gГ©. On the other candidates would probably be easier to negotiate. Demonstration
In this sense, the story selection of gas pipelines from private hands to public
occurs in Vinnitsa. November 30 NERC deprived license to transport
and the supply of natural gas company "Vinnitsagaz." The right to these activities
transferred to the regional branch of the government "Naftogazmerezh." Management
private company is looking for any opportunity to not pass gas
network to balance the state enterprise. President and the Prosecutor General poleteteli
treatment of staff, in which the government referred to as "raiding".
Viktor Yushchenko asked the government to prevent the transmission of gas networks
state. The main argument of the authors of appeals - a change of management company
in the middle of the heating season threatens the safe operation of the system. Yulia Tymoshenko
during visits to Vinnitsa promised to move the transmission network at the end
heating season ... But ukovoditel Legal Department SE "Naftogazmerezhi
"Igor Yaryna strongly opposed to:" Give them (the private owners - Ed.) Few
months would mean a loss for the state tens of millions of
hryvnia. And across the country hundreds of millions. "In state enterprises consider
regional gas companies that really do not have enough money. But not because of the low tariff
and due to the fact that the team managers of private shareholders withdraw funds
of companies - explains the Head of the Director "Naftogazmerezh" Sergei
Milutin. "Earlier in the procurement of property to market rate
price was 2, and then 2, 5. But this year, when it became clear - with the state
pipes have to leave - all amounts began to ascribe to zero at the end "
- Said an employee of state-owned enterprises. He explained why in
private traders allegedly undervalued rates continue to fight desperately for control
over regional networks. "The basic earnings of joint stock companies - for sale
unaccounted for gas to industrial enterprises, "- says the source, referring to
on his experience in one of the companies holding conditional regional gas companies, which
bind simultaneously from Ivano-Frankivsk businessman Oleg Bakhmatyuk
and co-owner of "RosUkrEnergo" Dmitry Firtash. Can earn
approved by the Government the difference in prices for domestic and industrial
enterprises, which is about 2000 hryvnia for one thousand cubic meters.
Standards of gas consumption for residential customers high. If the owner
No gas meter housing, he pays much more than the actual
consumes. Already paid over once distributors sell businesses
nearly two thousand hryvnia more. And the money to buy equipment and
equipment from the front companies at inflated prices. In addition, the current
Ukrainian law allows private companies to dispose of an uncontrolled
received for gas money. "They get paid when they want and what they want.
Of course, this is a very profitable business, "- ironically I. Yaryna. Who controlled
collection and spending of money current offensive Yulia Tymoshenko in January
Firtash year provoked his boasting - I am supposedly in control
75% of the internal market for gas in Ukraine. According to unofficial information
gazopostavlyayuschey one company, the "Volyngaza", "Zakarpatgaz", "Lvovgaza"
"Ivano-Frankovskgaza", "Chernovtsygaza" and "Chernigovgaza" nominally the largest
remains a shareholder Oleg Bakhmatyuk. His men headed the board of companies.
According to some reports, since 2006, he has to share with Dmitry Firtash,
whose members in 2006 sitting in the supervisory boards of the same
companies. In what proportions the co-owners divide the profit no one knows for
than to the businessmen and their agents. In Bakhmatyuk in 2006 is indicative
selected "Chernovtsygaz", passing 75% of Bukovina networks in a specially designed
SOE "Ukrgazmerezhi." The order of the calculations for natural gas is not added,
but the businessman was forced from the Carpathians to share with Dmitry Firtash
(A native of Chernivtsi, by the way). In eastern Ukraine, in 5 major regional gas
Kharkov, Kharkov region, in Dnipropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovsk region,
but also in the Donetsk region are united under the roof of "Gazeks-Ukraine."
After the Russian "Gazeks" and holding IES owners of these companies are
Viktor Vekselberg (20%) and Mikhail Slobodin. According to the staff
SE "Naftogazmerezhi", Russian distributors of pool are behaving
the financial flows much neater colleagues from the West-
companies. "They are calculated on demand" Naftogaz ". They have
chance to delay the transmission network before April 1, that is, until the day of expiry
their licenses, "- said Sergey Milutin from" Naftogazmerezh. "According to him,
then return to the state government network. The first "candidate
for departure "from the market - from 1 January 2010 - are private," Zakarpatgaz "
"Chernigovgaz", "Volyngaz", "Lvovgaz", "Ivano-Frankovskgaz." Joint-stock
companies will remain their debts, work on gasification and low-profit
sale of compressed natural gas. Not yet resolved the question of future networks based
regional gas companies. In the Enterprise "Naftogazmerezhi" suggests that the government will buy these
pipes from private shareholders.

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