Lady S prioritizes the election campaign and follow-up
as president. Do this it is obviously prompted a large number of
Candidates wishing to take a seat head of state, and confusion
began in the democratic camp. Premier once and made it clear:
she will not fight against the democratic forces, also expressed a desire to
participate in elections, and against the Party of Regions. - Today, when the Patriots
"Fight" each other instead of joining forces, each word
spoken against each other - the word "for" Yanukovych - emphasizes
Yulia Tymoshenko. - Of the 18 people I - one, and everyone else - on the other hand,
since there is a real candidate. The fact that presidential elections will turn
in the "duel" between the two politicians, political analysts and experts have begun to speak more than a year
ago. At the same time and decided on the names - the current president at that time already
Tymoshenko lost in the rankings, which automatically makes the only premiere
candidate from the democratic forces in the election. Understand it themselves and politicians, and voters:
ordinary people could understand the situation and have learned not to respond to
provocation. - I toured the country and see that people are very well aware that
occurs. These are people who through heart and mind passed a policy - told
Timoshenko. - And Viktor Yanukovych and his team are counting on people who
lost confidence and lost. The prime minister said the opposition leader in these
Elections will be beneficial for a situation where the voters voted against all
candidates - and the thought of technological progress relevant to the nomination
the candidate with the eloquent name Protyvsikh. Second if they win
Lady S has identified a priority to build safe and strong vertical of power.
Premier believes that after the presidential election in parliament formed
most capable of functioning. - Then do not have to be no elections and by-elections
in parliament. The majority in the Verkhovna Rada will be created in three minutes and
continue in the fairway, which clearly defined the president - said
Timoshenko, recalling his promise to one another - to adopt legislation
which would simplify the work politsil in opposition: - Law,
that we have made in parliament, the opposition will control all of the tools and
opportunity - through the Chamber of Accounts, in terms of special commissions of inquiry
- To prosecute any officer. It is worth noting that only
really strong ruler decides to hand to hand the opposition is so strong
mechanisms to control the power. Obviously, Tymoshenko hopes that its electoral
success will depend on the outcome of the government. And they say
for themselves: even today, despite the inefficiency of most branches
authorities and the financial crisis in Ukraine culminated in a spectacular building. -
Contrary to the crisis, Ukraine is not just getting on its feet, it builds its infrastructure
facilities for decades to come - said Prime Minister at the opening of overpass
on the bypass road around Lugansk. Tymoshenko said that in December
be put into operation the largest in the EU and CIS Dniester
hydroelectric power plant, which was built for 25 years. - It gives
opportunity for Ukraine to get a larger amount of electricity, and cheap,
- Underlined the prime minister. - In addition, we now set the task to revive those
mines that already have been unable to even produce coal. Resource laid
in the draft state budget for 2010, would modernize the coal industry:
the budget provides for government guarantees to attract
credits for 3-4% per annum. According to Tymoshenko, today most of the world
banks agreed to finance the modernization of our coal industry. Could not
prevent crisis and to maintain social standards Tymoshenko, timely payment
pensions, scholarships, public sector wages. A few days ago the government took a number of
solutions that increase the targeted assistance to those most in
needs. In the first place - it's retired people who worked in difficult
conditions and disabilities. In 2009 alone, to boost pensions of miners sent
4, 5 billion hryvnia. Today, the minimum pension of 1719 miners'
hryvnia. For all retired government maintained a special charge:
thanks to the minimum pension exceeds even the new higher cost of living
minimum. Increased and the average pension - up to 960 hryvnia. In 2010, Tymoshenko
intends to strengthen the "Chernobyl" component of its sotspolitiki. - No
under any circumstances, our team did not examine the program of Chernobyl,
program of the liquidators as a residual, - underlined the prime minister. In
2010 budget to support the Chernobyl provided 7 billion hryvnia
- And it is on a billion more than in 2009. Moreover, the prime minister planned
carrying out large-scale social reform: it is going to increase pensions
all pensioners and 60% of salary received during the regular labor
experience. Tymoshenko plans and ensure that salaries in industry were
not 18-23%, and 50% of all revenue. And on March 1, will provide 30%
salary increment 1 of the tariff level. This is only a small part of
tasks that put his team in front of Tymoshenko: a politician promised
to go round so many towns and villages, how many have the strength, and confessed:
She believes that Ukraine is still possible to protect and put on his feet, and going
to do it as president.

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