Yulia Tymoshenko directly involved in the scandalous case of Pavlo Lazarenko ,
and that there is documentary evidence.

This was on December 23 press conference in UNIAN said party leader free
Democratic presidential candidate in Ukraine, Mikhail Brodsky. "December 22, 2008
, Ivan Kirilenko, a close friend of Yulia Tymoshenko, sends a letter to the judge
Charles Breeru, who conducted the case Lazarenko .. The essence of the letter - please pardon
Lazarenko, with the result that it reduces the period of one year. And now remains Lazarenko
sit 4 years "- said Brodsky. In addition, Brodsky said that Julia
Tymoshenko took drastic measures to "launder" the head of the BYuT faction: "13
November UNIAN was scheduled press conference. But Tymoshenko in
himself in the Cabinet assembled journalists and persuaded them not to go to the press conference.
In the end, Tymoshenko gives reporters another letter, stating
that the situation with Kirilenko - error ", - said the leader of the Party of Democratic free.
Speaking about his interest in this matter, Brodsky drew attention to the fact
to give the public complete and accurate information about him provided
political options. "People have to choose, knowing the life behind the scenes.
On a stage actor can play anyone - Jeanne d'Arc or Tigryulya. But
in fact it is not Tigryulya, a tiger, with whom we can not remain in the cell, "
- Brodsky said. He said that Tymoshenko and Lazarenko related matter,
where it is not about money but about the blood. This is - the murder of MP
Yevgeny Shcherban. "90 left, but their legacy remains. The death of innocent people
should be disclosed, criminal cases have not yet closed. I believe that
about the criminal context Timoshenko-Kirilenko-Lazarenko everyone should know "
- Brodsky said. He also said that anyone going to a specialized
website legal U.S. administration has an opportunity to examine the documents
in the case of Lazarenko for a nominal fee of eight cents per page.

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