Viktor Yanukovych won a landslide victory in the presidential election
Sunday. General director of KIIS Vladimir Paniotto reminded that
for Viktor Yanukovych ready to vote for 30, 3% of the respondents, and for Yulia Tymoshenko
- Only 15, 8 %. The expert added that only 7% of voters believe that
elections will be fair , 53 % expect electoral fraud , 29 % believe
that violations will be minor. The influence of opinion polls to make a decision ,
for whom to vote is small, says Paniotto . "Only 6%
can change their decisions based on the results of sociological research, "
- He said. The study was conducted from 12 to 24 December 2009 144
towns all over Ukraine and Crimea. Were interviewed 4074 respondents.
Sampling error does not exceed 2 , and 3% .

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