The positions of the U.S. currency on world markets could falter again . by
Research Bank , " Goldman Sachs ' new economy of the country with a dollar cut
part of their reserves , informs " the Echo of Moscow ".

Central banks did not trust the dollar. The advanced economies are not
believe that the U.S. currency as strong as ever. this was
according to the report of the bank , " Goldman Sachs ". Researchers have concluded their
attractiveness of the dollar as reserve currency is hopelessly lost .
The reason is likely - it's huge and still increasing external
debt of the United States. It was he who , in the opinion , analysts ' Goldman Sachs '
forced central banks of countries with emerging economies to make a decision
the exchange part of their dollar reserves to other currencies . However, the reduction
were not as significant. Five years ago , these countries kept
60 percent of its reserves in dollars , now in U.S. currency
account for 57 a half percent . That is , said , " Goldman Sachs ", USA
maintain a leading role in the global economy. Will retain its value for it
and the dollar. Over the past ten years the dollar has lost 22 percent of its value
about seven major world currencies .

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