It is not always accurate summary of the standard brings long-awaited fruits - sometimes
device to work depends on your originality and resourcefulness.

To attract attention, candidates often use the innovations,
from the summary that was sent in a box from under the pizza to your photos in the nude
form. Plans work only if they show your strengths
hand and fit into the culture of a potential employer. Extreme
measures should be relevant to the job you want. Here are a few
strange job search methods that have proved successful. Man-sandwich
A former employee of investment bank Joshua Persky after 11 months of unsuccessful
job search decided to take extreme measures. He worked on the design of
Best costume - put on the "sandwich" with the words "skilled graduate
MIT is looking for work "and began handing out resumes and business cards executives on Park Avenue.
It worked. Persky has hired a New York accounting firm Weimar LLP. Baker
Kevin Winn awakened interest in his candidacy, traveling 350 miles to
buy and bring your favorite muffins to a potential boss. 33-year-old
Kevin hoped to become the assistant director of Public Relations
Worcestershire Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. He decided that
can help treat the popular, but the nearest store was in New York.
At 2 am he went there to buy fresh rolls. At 9:30 am he
handed over to his potential boss, Patricia Samson box of biscuits,
your resume and autobiography. "Find some things difficult - for example, rolls
Krispy Kreme in New England or a specialist in public relations,
engineer with experience and knowledge of the technology - described in the biography. -
Now you have something, and another. "Lover buns Samson was shocked.
NHTSA selected the Uinne because his creative expression "demonstrated
thinking that I was looking for. "Job Fair Sales Jeffrey
William Richmond was involved in organizing job fairs, and it helped him
complete the search operation, which lasted 17 months. Fair gave 35 companies
opportunity to meet with 150 professionals and managers seeking
work. Employers have disks with summaries and biographies of candidates.
Richmond spoke with several local companies who are interested in
his candidacy. One of them was the well-known chemical company Ondeo
Nalco, unit of French firm Suez. His former colleague, who worked
there arranged a meeting with Dave Timm, Director of Maintenance
consumers. The role that Richmond played in the organization of fairs, has demonstrated
"Capacity for leadership and initiative" which "is very difficult to detect
in man, sitting on the other side of the table, "said Timm, who soon took the
Richmond to work. A disgruntled client Doug Long, a sales agent of the South
California, has made his dissatisfaction with poor service in
advantage when seeking employment. Late last year, he drove his creaking
BMW's auto show, where the officer said he could not determine the cause of the strange
sounds, because the rain. Long out of his mind. On the advice of his wife he had prepared
representation, which described how a salon can improve our service.
55-year-old Long presented his passionate message of the Vice President Jerry Johnson.
Suggesting that he use the movement of workers, Long handed Johnson
and your resume. Tom was a need for someone to coordinate the planned participation
BMW in the campaign to improve quality. Long experience and energy have made an impression
and Johnson found his ideal candidate. Cruising race John Byrne has come up
due to their ambitions. In February, Clarkson University student created a website
which promised a 4-day cruise or $ 500 to anyone who tells
his coup in getting to New York work, not specified in the bank
vacancies. He needed a job in marketing or PR after
University. The number of participants was tremendous: he had received six thousand electronic
messages, about 200 ideas, two invitations to interview and offer of
Financial Services Albany. But it did not accept long working hours. 22-year-old
Byrne jumped at the offer, found on the website of the University of St. Lawrence.
In an effort to get a seat consultant selection committee, he mentioned his
competition as a witness, "my creative approach to sales and marketing."
In July, he went to work. Paid interview Javier Pudzhala not
simply handing out resumes, and to invite potential employers to specifically
created a site where the employer offered to pay for time spent on
an interview with him (from $ 200 in HR-$ 800 - Director General for 20
minutes of the interview). Today, this "extremal" before the four
proposal, plus the favor for one interview. However, these methods can be called
compared to conventional banner on an office building with a list of competencies
Jobseekers, putting up posters in the garage for the tops, or "cards" in the form
golf balls, which are the same treasured tops. Effectiveness
creative methods of job search is highly questionable, at least on
According to 52% of heads of departments of marketing, who believe
this tactic "unprofessional." But 32% said that it is normal
if only the creative component does not outweigh the information. Topics
the same who is not ready to resort to radical methods of attracting attention
potential employers offer traditional search methods. Exactly
they, above all, and will work in a crisis in 2009.

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