Yulia Tymoshenko promises to hold a referendum on Ukraine's joining NATO
if he wins the election.

She stated in an interview В«France 24", when asked about the prospects
Ukraine's joining NATO. "Most things depend on Ukraine itself.
Our country is divided in their views on NATO membership. 22% of Ukrainians support
accession to NATO, and the rest as a result of fairly strong advocacy
against it ", - said Tymoshenko. "We have to work at home and spend
national referendum to see in a system of collective security
see themselves as Ukrainians. And after the election, we'll do it "- she added. On
question about Russian-Ukrainian relations and their relations with the Prime Minister
Russia, Vladimir Putin, Tymoshenko said: "I think that now all
world seeks to remove opposition and to hold a
reboot between states. I think that we have with Russia should be
friendly relations. " She also stated that Ukraine is a sovereign
country, independent of other states. One sign of approval
the independence of Ukraine Tymoshenko signed in January last year
gas contracts with Russia. Tymoshenko also promised that Ukraine will
reliable transit of Russian gas to Europe. "After we removed
corruption gas schemes, any crisis will not, and Ukraine will
continue reliable partner ", - she said. Tymoshenko also said that
absolutely sure of its victory in the elections, Ukrainian Pravda wrote.

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