The winds come from the sky , water, press oneself to the earth, wind , water (in Chinese Feng
shui) is constantly accompanied by the people , their dwellings and graves.

The strength, direction and wind speed, as well as altitude, speed,
length, width, depth, water flow may depend on the joys and sorrows, happiness
and misery of man. In Chinese geomancy wind corresponds to the heavenly and
terrestrial water. The importance of wind (air) and water for human life is well known,
also know that they are necessary, and can bring misfortune to their
devastating impact. Winds and water are natural phenomena,
and people should strive for a return to nature. This can help
Feng Shui, providing health and longevity, life satisfaction, family
harmony, improve intelligence, increase the level of material
life, converting a negative situation into a positive. Methods of geomancy
There can not be replaced by any methods of modern science and technology
However, if you master this science of the past and the future, it will be understood
how to build a good relationship with the earth and the atmosphere, how to reduce friction
between man and land and to avoid some undesirable natural disasters.
Chinese culture, geomancy, a component of Chinese culture played a
significant role in the development of the latter and can be of great benefit to those who
mastered it. Geomancy dwelling purpose of this article - to teach the reader to determine
helpful and harmful at first sight. Here are just general guidelines,
described in more detail in other publications. However, that has been written in the books
and no matter what you others, all need to check on their own experience.
1. Housing in any case can not be built on the crest of the mountains or at the entrance or
leaving the mountain gorge, as this not only will good luck caused
geographical factors, but on the contrary, it is easy to get various diseases.
2. Housing can not be built on the T-junction, and at the intersection
streets. That is, before the house should not be a street, just going for it, otherwise
troubles do not count - in the first place, it's high winds and fires. If you are unlucky
is directly aimed at the home street can lead to the fact that the house will be
crumble, and people die. The hidden impact is also largely negative:
can lead to injury, loss of business. 3. Housing can not be built in
end the impasse. Not only because in case of fire from the neighbors would be difficult
to evacuate, but because in this house often conflicts arise,
litigation, and you can lose the state, were injured. 4. If
west of the dwelling is a great way, this is a great happiness (but only
if a house facade not facing west). The benefits of this arrangement are as follows.
a) You can save the family's privacy. That is, the personal lives of the people will not be
subjected to external aggression, no one will intervene from outside, because
on both sides of the house is very little outside doors and windows, and noise from the street
difficult to break into the house (for example, to the west goes blank wall, on the south
and the north garden). b) You can effectively use the space inside the house
except as the parties directed to the road to the west, the other direction
little effect on the courtyard and the rooms in the house. 5. Just before the entrance should not be
large trees, because they not only hinder the arrival of the positive
(Yang) energy (yang qi) in the house, but the negative (Yin, Yin-chi) is removed
with difficulty. In addition, there is a threat of lightning, and falling leaves are easily
entered into the house. 6. Before entering in any case should not be dry
tree, even more so - a large, standing or lying on the ground. This is especially
harmful to the elderly, and also leads to impoverishment. Best of all, and the roots
uproot. 7. The big tree in the northwest of the house brings great
happiness. (North-west of the scheme later the sky (houtyan) refers to
pure yang trigram Chien-creation). The seeds of the tree can protect tenants
homes, bringing joy to all. If the tree is cut down, there will be no children,
or grandchildren. 8. Single housing should not be higher than others, or expected
insecurity in the media. In addition, there is the danger of fires, floods,
misery emanating from the heavens. When the house is open on all sides, can not be isolated,
tenants there is a hidden anxiety, as if from all sides toast
Sun, with no shelter. Jan in excess, a lack of yin and disharmony
Yin-Yang leads to disease. 9. Housing for children can not be built in the yard
parents. This limitation applies to families formed by children. Otherwise zahireyut
families and children, and parents. However, this requirement for the most part, is
all the sons, but older. (Daughters, according the Chinese tradition, leaving
parental home). 10. When the house is a pregnant woman can not be built
house, or do repairs. Even minor repairs should be avoided at all
forces - especially the replacement of tile or brick. This can lead to miscarriage
or relocation of the house. 11. When the base of the home (ie, yard, surrounded by a wall
or a house in the background) in front is low and the high back, a sign of great happiness,
while the opposite situation is unfortunate. 12. If the database homes on the north-west
seizure, at least it does not harm the valuable chi, but still leads to a reduction
sons (trigram Chien-art as it has affected and daughters in the old
China is not appreciated). It is also very unfavorable for the respiratory system.
13. If the base housing recess in the south-east, is first and foremost, adversely
for the birth of sons and daughters to grow, but in the end, no harm
enrichment. 14. If the base housing recess in the south-west, it's bad for
stomach and intestine, but in social terms (career, salary), on the contrary,
helpful. 15. If the base housing recess in the north-east, although it is not
has as much trouble, but it can affect the digestive
system. 16. If the base is the home or room in terms of the right long, and left
In short, the born sons or become orphans, or poor.
17. If the base form of home or room in the front is wide, and behind the narrow, forming a
by type of inverted ladder, after living here hard to keep
means the number of people is also reduced. 18. If the base is the home or room
Conversely, a narrow front and rear wide, forming, in appearance like a ladder
after living here not only enriched, but thunder. 19. If
base or home room forms a triangle shape, the front edge of
rear extension is called "upside-down with a brush." After living here
and people, and wealth are lost. Particularly easy to occur misery brought by
women, or misfortune threatens the women themselves. When the tip back and
front wide, it is called "Mars pulls the tail." This is very bad: there may be
suicides, incurable illnesses. 20. If the base is the home or room on the left
long, short and to the right (looking from the front door), then stay
here the whole family suffers. 21. If all corners of the 4 th base housing or form
room has seizures, then there can not live at all. 22. If the base housing or
form of the room - a rectangle, stretching from north to south, it's a great happiness,
residents will be rich and famous, to have many children and grandchildren to live in
joy. 23. If it is a rectangle, stretching from east to west, it
adversely, especially bad on the north and south sides. 24. If the base
home or room shape and from the north and south has notches (in terms of - as
letter В«HВ»), then stay here permanently may arise court
litigation, and people will often get sick. 25. If these notches on the east and west,
here all is calm, but it is necessary that life was ordinary. 26.
If the base form of home or room only in the east has a seizure, it is possible
latent effect, which leads to a lack of clothing or food. 27. If seizure
just to the west, it is considered to be a great misfortune to live here can not be
in any case. 28. If the base form of home or room has a recess only
from the south, there is a strong tendency for wealth, but the family are constant
disputes and scandals, no peace. 29. If the cut only from the north, it is
considered to be a great misfortune, the constant threat of fires. 30. If the base housing
or room is a square, then stay here a great happiness, all
family waiting for wealth and prosperity. 31. If there is a pool in front of dwelling
crescent-shaped, oval side outward, it becomes
latent ability to amass wealth dishonestly. 32. If the base housing or
form the front room is round, square back, after living here
will and the wealth and nobility. 33. If the south of the dwelling is empty space,
this is attributed to the great happiness, living here calms the heart. 34.
In the yard of your residential house can not plant more trees - otherwise the trouble.
35. Between houses (especially when the base is horseshoe-shaped or square yard)
in any case not plant trees or concrete yard - otherwise misfortune.
36. Courtyard dwellings can pave dimensional brick or stone slabs, or
will draw negative (Yin) energy, the fate of the family weaken. 37. If
creek flowing into the yard, it's big trouble. 38. Ambient house wall should not
be too high (as they build some defense against thieves), or living
will be "like hunted beasts" and reach the needs. 39. Surrounding wall can not be
set too close to home: 60 cm closer to 40. When living in a big house
few people, it's bad: the fate of lead to the impoverishment of the family. 41. When the house
small, and many residents, this is happiness: the fate of family fame and fortune.
42. When the house looking south, it is usually a good idea. 43. Housing, where the longitudinal
depth is greater than the transverse width, hints at long-luck (looking from
door). 44. U-shaped house, where the "cross" is too thin and long,
threatening asthma. 45. The number of rooms in the house affects the joys and sorrows. One thing
room - a happiness 2 - no harm, 3 - trouble is, 4 - also trouble, 5-7 - happiness,
8 - misfortune, 9 - Happiness (and allow for a kitchen, bathroom, etc.). 46. When the first
living room or lounge is located in the heart of all the rooms, this large
happiness. 47. When the room in the house most of the area of ​​8 square
meters, this is a great misfortune. If the center of the home is a space area,
then the children and grandchildren will be unruly, lazy, resulting in the loss of property.
If a room is not in the center and elsewhere, it still will be
a tendency for the family gradually zahireet. 48. If the center of the home
there is unused space, this is a great misfortune. If the center is located
patio (in Chinese - "sky well"), kitchen or toilet,
is also considered to be unlucky placement, it should be possible to avoid.
It is best to place the center of the bedroom. 49. Master bedroom in the center of the home
- A great happiness. 50. If the main entrance and back door are on the home
one line, then this is for the home very well. 51. If the family lives in a store
then when the store is located on the north-east or south-west of the dwelling, the
this is very bad. These two areas attract negative (Yin) energy
trading position is necessarily diminished funding will be gradually
dissipate. 52. In a separate dwelling can not have a back door, otherwise
can not live there long, because it will harm, mainly spouses.
53. If a separate housing is directed to the south, living room located on the western
side and front yard - to the east, this is a great happiness. 54. When the bedroom
and the main entrance are on the same line, this is a great happiness. 55. When
bedroom is located next to the kitchen, it's big trouble. When next to the bedroom
posted stove or oven, it is not useful, especially for children. 56.
The bedroom should not make a wardrobe of clothes, obsolete, or
- Big trouble. 57. Location dishes or plates in the east or south-east
- A great happiness. 58. In the southwestern part of the home kitchen have not.
59. Bedroom for older people to arrange in a south-eastern part of the home.
60. Room usual life (recreation room, celebrations) should not be placed
in the south-west side. 61. Also not good in the south-west side of dwelling
put a bathroom, and in the north-east - is even worse. 62. If the toilet
in the center of the home, the residents, especially the owner, it is easy to get sick. 63. If
toilet in the bathroom is directed to the north, it is a great tragedy that is difficult to measure.
64. If the toilet and main entrance to the housing in one direction will
hidden impact on residents, contributing to neoplastic diseases.
65. If conditions allow, in the west of the main room (not including extensions
and ancillary facilities), separate from the neighboring main room
places, creating a living room, in the interval - connecting corridor. This is a great
happiness. 66. If the ladder is exactly in the center of the home, this is a big
trouble. 67. If the windows inside the home opened to the east, it
best. 68. However, this leads to irregular periods in women, which
bad. 69. If the home, home in the western part of the windows can be opened
to the south, the joy of growing, and sorrow decrease. 70. When the family living
in store, creating a niche for the sacred religious objects, this niche
should not go outside, ie, it must create an invisible to passers-by
place. 71. At home with a small number of premises cult niche you can put
on a wall locker. 72. When the eaves of the roof or sun visor
"Permeated by a tree" (ie, a tree right in front), this is a great misfortune.
73. When a structure hanging over the first floor (above the arch) make the living room,
this is a great misfortune. 74. When the room is a pillar, with all four
whose sides have doors, it is a great misfortune that leads to disease home.
75. If you can see from the outside post in the main room on the front side of the family
may be inattentive children. This should be avoided. 76. If the main beam
in the roof of the home permeates the room is not in a straight line, especially in the one-story
house, it will prevail over the big troubles in the house. 77. During the construction of
House poles should be larger beams. Post of the upper beam is selected
a happy day and that day is mounted. If one day is not complete,
is the first happy day put poles, and another put a happy day
them the upper beam. Otherwise - a great misfortune. 78. If the floor in the room
and sex outside are at different elevations, the floor in the room should be
above, or can easily be disease, fires, conflicts and contradictions.
The most suitable floor height - less than 45 cm 79. If the house from the front
side is W-shaped protrusions, then there is a tendency to fire and dispersion
wealth. This should be avoided. 80. If the house, looking at the profile has
ledge, ie, ridge run in the middle of high and low around the edges, it is
misfortune leads to the squandering of wealth, will cause abandonment. 81.
When the ground is soft under shelter - a big problem: a trader can not live,
the average person will live, but zahireet. 82. The house, built over the former
the well - unfortunately: may have visual and auditory delusions,
therefore necessary to bury the old well. 83. Before you build a house on earth
where there were thickets of grass and trees, it is necessary to uproot their roots
otherwise preserved the roots of misery and misfortune will follow one after the other,
while living in a house events will go late, sorrows and difficulties
go continuous succession. 84. Carry out construction of the house from the back side
to the front - a great happiness, but to develop on the inside of the facade - unfavorably.
85. In a residential home for the duration of your stay you should not do partial repairs:
For example, redo the kitchen or living room, or family affairs will slow down,
children-grandchildren will not follow from generation to generation and eventually
possible that the race will stop. 86. If the dwelling was originally a former marriage
chambers, later deem sufficient and will arrange the third floor, this is true
to big trouble. 87. If the two houses combined into one, connecting rods, it
big problem: not only degrades the family, the economy is in decline,
but often in health and cracks, and in the name (fame). Eaves
combined, and dividing the first poles may break, thus exacerbating the disaster
and may even lead to death. 88. If the house is built poorly and in the gap
penetrates the wind - a great misfortune: in home appear sick, home
often see strange and bad dreams. Cracks are often in the door and window
openings or joints in wall units, this should be treated carefully.
89. If the purpose of giving shelter or luxury type for the decoration on the wall
hang too many decorative items, this is a great misfortune. If
same outwardly beautiful, but the purpose - clean, it is - happiness. 90. If, during the
construction of wood material used in inverted form, is a misfortune.
When the butt of the tree is directed upward and the top down, home waiting for disaster.
By modern reinforced concrete homes is not the case, but the door frames,
windows are often made of wood, so the above should be considered, especially
when for the sake of economy of material use and insert connections. 91. In the single-storey
homes shingles on the roof should not wobble. If the storm and lightning or people,
zalezshy on the roof and split shingles to repair immediately, otherwise,
Unfortunately, pets are sick. 92. The door frame or door pillars
should not have bends, otherwise it is easy to arise disease. 93. Most
front door into a small house - bad luck. 94.






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