In St. Petersburg, passed the next , the third exhibition abroad
Property for Russians INFOREAL.

Representatives of the companies said subscribers of the activity of visitors
and the lack of "random" people. Most participants have already expressed willingness to
to take part in the next INFOREAL. Croatia: the cabinet of the country
decided to abolish visas for Russian citizens intending to visit
the country from April 1 to October 31, 2010. During this period, Russian citizens will be able to
remain on its territory without a break for 90 days. Finland: Statistics
Bureau released data on the country's cost of rental housing in the country for 2009
year. This figure has increased over the past year by an average of 4%. Israel:
In January 2010, the average price of apartments in new countries dropped
at 0, 4% compared with December. This figure falls for three months
row. The number of apartments sold during the same period increased by 15%.
news on new buildings will replace * Balcony terrace * immoral developers
no place in the construction market in Kiev * Expert: real estate market bottom primary
maybe ... * In urban planners had its own code * This year will be
build five houses for investors, "Elita-Center" The Netherlands in January, the cost of
housing on the secondary market of the country has increased by 0, 2% with respect to
December. In January in the Netherlands was sold 7, 7 thousand items of secondary
residential real estate. That's 50, 3% less than in the previous month. U.S. companies
Standard \u0026 Poor `s / Case-Shiller index released in housing prices in 20 major
cities of the country in December. This figure has increased by 0, 3%
compared to November, which was his seventh consecutive increase. According to economists
Company Moody `s, in 2010, housing prices in the U.S. will fall.
The main decline will occur in the summer months of the year. After that, prices
should stabilize, but in 2011 their growth was
will not be. The volume of sales of private residential single-family homes in the country
in January decreased by 11 2% compared to December than unpleasantly surprised
analysts who had expected that this figure will grow by 5%. United Kingdom:
in February, the average value of residential property in Britain fell by 1%
compared with January, according to the largest UK building society
Nationwide. This index fell for the first time in 10 months. Austria: private
home on the outskirts of Vienna rose in price significantly in 2009. Experts
note the high investment attractiveness of such facilities. The greatest
price increase was noted in small towns and Korneuburg Stockerau - 40% and 55% respectively.
Singapore in January in the city-state has sold 1476 residential
property, which is 206% higher than December's figures. Demand shifts
toward the upper price segment: 76% of transactions exceeded the value of objects
average $ 7, 6 thousand for the quarter. m. In Singapore, the beginning of the state charged
fee from owners of residential property and land, which sell
their facilities during the year following their purchase. Fee of 1%
begins to be levied on the amount of 180 thousand Singapore dollars ($ 127, 4 th)
of 2% - from 180 thousand following Singapore dollars. This measure is intended
restrict the activities of speculators. Hong Kong Special Administrative
Center of China announced tax increase buying luxury properties worth
more than 20 million Hong Kong dollars ($ 2, 6 million), with 3, 75% to 4, 25% of the
object. In addition, they will allocate more land for building
housing. These measures are being taken to cool the overheated real estate market
Hong Kong. Commercial real estate consultancy Cushman \u0026
Wakefield produced ratings of cities with the highest rental rates
in the premium segment of the office market in 2009. The top five list
include Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, Dubai and Mumbai. In conclusion, in Dubai, which
gradually transformed into a storehouse of unusual architectural structures of various
(Remember the highest skyscraper in the world and the hotel is in the shape of the sail)
may be a new gimmick - a building that grows its own
"Skin". As conceived by Californian architect's office Faulders Studio,
structure will produce a coating of salt, which over time
will be distributed on its facade. Dubai is located on the south coast
Persian Gulf, so the lack of salt in the emirate's not.

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