The crisis - is not only loss but also earning potential . The question of who
and as it does. The publication gathered examples from around the world , how
in times of crisis people have deteriorated part of the brain responsible for creativity
activity and to adapt to environmental conditions.

1. Ukrainian city of Lviv marked cafe "Antikrizova Kneipp" (anti-crisis
cafe). Chips in the interior - stocks for the winter in the form of canned twists, millet,
pasta, cheap cigarettes, and cigarettes, Cigarette, and currency
in three-liter jar, they say, is now safer to keep money in those.
The waiters are dressed in costumes of the bankers, stock and financial consultants
analysts. One of the slogans of an institution: "Why do we need this retardation Egypt?
Ride in Carpathians "Food in the cafe is the simplest, surrender or give coppers seeds.
One of the crown of dishes on the menu - biscuits, which are usually dried for a rainy day.
2. Hyundai Motor America has launched an insurance program under which the buyer
can return the car without ruining your credit history, if he
within one year after the deal loses his job. "Insure against unemployment"
You can when you buy any new car Hyundai regardless of age
buyer and the history of his employment. Return the car can be
and in case of deprivation of a driver's license, obtaining disability or death
motorist. 3. If you give people something to hold or he borrowed,
he is with her already parted reluctantly. Renault has decided to apply this law of human
psyche, so to speak, to deepen the test drive. To promote the new model
Megane Hatch British representative of the French automaker's free
gives the car a few days for everyone, and deliver the car
to their home with a full tank of gasoline. The car can take up to 24 hours in
Monday and Wednesday or a weekend (Friday evening to Monday morning)
and to feel worthy of the master of things. 4. English entrepreneur
Sudoku fan and Dave Mackey (Dave Mackie) has decided to sell his house original
way. He organized a lottery winner is the house and get it.
And to take part in the game for the home, it is necessary to solve sudoku
pay the fee of ВЈ 50. House worth 675,000 pounds is
in Lancashire in the west of England. In fact Mackey is selling 14 000 chance of getting
his house. Once typed the necessary amount of money is randomly
way to pick a winner (in the presence of guests, journalists, attorneys).
Lucky gets the property without paying taxes and transaction costs.
Operate a lottery will be in February of this year, until February 2010. If
During this time the required 14 000 participants does not reach, the selected winner
will not home, and all collected funds that will accumulate
in a special bank account. 5. To pay for the maintenance of expensive real estate
during the crisis, some Americans sit her for the filming of movies and advertising
rollers. The daily fee for a decent house - $ 2-3 thousand
This allows us to cover about half the amount of maintenance, including
payment of the maids. Owners of commercial property - shops, warehouses
and offices - also offer their premises for filming. However, far from smoothly
not all, because in the film industry too, the crisis and the demand for the site crashed. 6. Mortgage
U.S. crisis has negatively affected the real estate market in this country and forced
Sellers try to find good clients. Owners of multi-family one
buildings in Los Angeles was placed in the windows of vacant apartments human
figures dancing striptease. It turned out something like a spicy shadow theater.
This, of course, recording, broadcast on the curtains. Attracts the attention of both consumers
and the media. 7. The crisis in America have diminished and budget allocations
in education. When the agency to which the school "Rancho
Bernardo "in the same suburb of San Diego cut the cost of logistics
providing classes and training processes, the mathematics teacher was Tom Farber
sell ad space on the forms for tests and examinations. Buy
advertising can not everyone. Farber does not accept sponsorship from major retailers
networks, but for example, from family shops that sell clothing at graduation
evening, or dentists - not against it. Not all sponsors are used
bought advertising space as such. Someone has posted the wise sayings
classics, some encouraging words, like "Good luck! But remember that
knowledge is more important than good luck! ". 8. Strip Club Platinum Lounge, in Chester,
England, suggested that companies wishing to advertise in a prominent position,
"Show off" on the strippers ass, which is essentially akin to advertising on clothing
football players or racing drivers. The club hopes that the novelty of receiving memorializing
advertising in the minds of visitors. 9. In Novosibirsk, there was an unusual service
- Advertising in dogs. The project "Promo-Dog" - this is the first in Russia
offer the use of animals as a media vehicle.
Non-standard advertising is allocated in the general noise of the information and encourages
people communicate information about an event by word of mouth. In addition, animals
(And children) cause positive emotions, so a positive outlook
Advertising on doggie provided. Now in database "Promo Dog" about a hundred and fifty
dogs of different breeds, their owners get paid for the work of their pets.
10. During the financial crisis better to look for a different sphere of their money,
than the stock market. In Europe, appeared site that collects funds from the
investors for the promotion of girls and boys in the modeling business. Minimally
You can attach a dollar. Beauty Holding a matter of fact - a social exchange, and agent
in one person. Investors are invited to share future earnings lucky
models - half earnings for the first year of operation. To start a career in
Industry glamor model should gain $ 10 000 (for a ticket to Paris or
London residence, shooting a fashion photographer for the formation of a professional
portfolio and prepare for a casting for model agencies.) As you can see,
harsh conditions make the brain energetic people to work harder and better.
They come up with new ideas and, most importantly, implement them. Interesting ideas can
always peek in the Journal of business ideas, impressed, inspired by
something different, then necessarily need to implement the plan.

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