Documents on the privatization of facilities in Kiev in 2006-2010.
were stolen along with a jeep "Volkswagen Touareg " deputy of the unit Chernovetsky
Peter Ivanov.

About it, citing its own sources, wrote "The newspaper in Kiev."
Jeep first deputy chairman of the Standing Committee on Privatization was stolen
March 26 from the parking lot on Prospect of Victory 6. As told operatives
Ivanov, theft occurred in the period from 14.30 to 16.00. Himself the victim told
publication that fall under the criminal liability for negligence
not afraid - not a public servant. At the same time of stealing no suspects.
"I bought a stolen car with his wife. About transportation of the documents
knew very limited number of people. I, as head of the commission, took the documents
at the State University of communal property and had to take them to the Commission on Privatization.
You can not call it a test, but they have the right to see privatization
affairs and make their comments. You ask why it took to drive
privatization of the case for 4 years? And that, I had to pull them selectively,
and then they told me, that is why some do not care? All of these folders fit
in the cabin of my car. I do not think it attracted intruders
documents in the cabin. After all, toned glass. SUV stolen after checking
cases, I do not know who could do it "- said Ivanov. Meanwhile, representatives of
The opposition believes that all of the documents could not fit into the interior of one
car. "Symbolically, allegedly stole the case for privatization of just over
All the reign of Chernivtsi. I do not believe that these documents could
fit into one car showroom. Because only one object of the privatization of paper
the case with all approvals and inquiries may take a few plump volumes.
Here we are talking about documents in four years! I do not exclude that the documents
were taken and created a loss of visibility ", - said deputy Valery side Klitschko
Karpuntsov. Peter Ivanov heads the company, "Brovtek." According to the Interior Ministry made public
before the last election in Kiev Council, Ivanov in 1999 brought to
criminal liability under Part 1 st.206 "Countering the legitimate business
activity ", but the case was closed. Earlier, prosecutors filed a Kiev
criminal charges of negligence of officials of the Main Control
communally owned KSCA, in which the fault has been lost documents
of privatization in the capital for the years 2006-2010. For the commission
This service provides for the UCF offense punishable by deprivation
sentences of up to five years.

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