The real estate market in Kiev already passed the bottom and began a slow
rental growth .

This was announced by Director of the Department of Industrial Property Department and
investment services consulting company Ukrainian representative
Colliers International Arkady Vershebenyuk during a business meeting players
Market on Results of 2009 on commercial real estate market: forecasts
and reality, the trend in 2010 in Kiev. According to him, in the retail market
- The bottom has already passed. "Possible short-term increase in vacancy rates in the market
Retail 5% to 3% due to the development of new facilities, "- he says." In the past
year, new tenants were in the order of 1%, this year's figure could increase,
but coming to the market a large number of new tenants should not wait "
- Added Vershebenyuk. In the warehouse market, according to him, there is
stabilization of rates and incentives for market growth will increase the retail market.
"We should expect a gradual reduction in the vacancy stock
complexes due to the choice available on the market offers. This year
tenants who understand the market - at the bottom, will move to better
objects ", - he said. The expert also believes that the future will come back
interest in the land market. "If last year the market was dead, then this
he will come to life. Since it is not enough space and investors will
look at new platforms, "- said the expert.

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