Igor Anatoliyovich Shumylo , Executive Director of Economic Affairs
National Bank of Ukraine , said that 80 billion USD taken contributors
with bank deposits with the onset of the crisis, and never returned.

This he told reporters Socmart at a forum on financing
construction in our state , organized by Meeting point
Ukraine. According to him, now slowly start to Ukrainians to return money
into the banking system , so in the second quarter of last year, there
economic growth , amounting to 1, 5 % from the previous period.
Mr. Shumilo noted that last year the National Bank failed to stop inflation
so today it is 11 % per year. To date ,
experts expect the resumption of economic activity, and argues that
it is growing every quarter for 1, 5%. With regard to support construction in Ukraine
Igor Anatoliyovich then reported that the National Bank is struggling to
to help this area, but it depends not only on them, but also on policy
government. Mr. Shumilo also said that lending rates for many
sectors of the economy declined by 10 percentage points. However, it is less
just touched the construction field .

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