Possible increase in excise duty on petrol by 54 , 5% from the existing
level - up to EUR170 per ton will result in higher prices in its retail stores and 60 kopecks.
per liter, and in 2010 could reach USD 9 per liter, the director
Consulting Group " A-95 " (Kiev ), Sergei Kuiun .

The expert, commenting on the bill, which provides for a phased increase
excise tax on gasoline until November 1, 2010 at EUR30/tonna, from November 1 - more
on EUR30/tonnu, said that rise in price of fuel in the market place for
months after the increase in fees. "In the first phase it will be 30 cents, and with
November 1 - plus another 30 cents "- experts predict. S. Kuiun also noted
that if, as he referred to the bill, will increase the excise tax on diesel
fuel from the current EUR70-95 per tonne (depending on the sulfur content)
up to EUR90-100 per ton, the retail price it may rise to 65 cents
per liter. As reported, citing data from "A-95" from 6 to April 20, the average
retail gasoline prices remain at the same level, in particular, gasoline
Grade A-80 is 7, 02 UAH / l A-92 - 7, 52 UAH / L, A-95 - 8, 01 UAH / liter. At the same time
changed only the average price of diesel fuel, which according to the group decreased
at 0, 1% (at 1 kop per liter) - up to 7 grn / liter. In December 2008, parliament
Ukraine has increased the excise on petroleum products for EUR50 per tonne,
In particular, for motor gasoline - from EUR60 to EUR110 per tonne sold
products. The rate of excise duty on diesel fuel with a mass fraction of sulfur over 0, 2%
increased to EUR95 per tonne, with a mass fraction of sulfur from 0, 035% to 0, 2% - to
EUR85 per tonne, 0, 005% to 0, 035% - up to EUR80 per ton, not more than 0, 005%
- Up to EUR70 per tonne.

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