The single European currency in those days being the most severe test
Since its introduction, and it must withstand the test of it , said on Wednesday
German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"The euro is in danger, and if we do not stop , the consequences can be
immense , "- she said , speaking in parliament with a government statement.
"It is no more and no less , as the testing and evaluation of European
ideas. If you do not stand the euro, and Europe will not stand "- added the Chancellor.
On the eve of the finance ministers of 27 EU countries approved the creation of the Brussels
stabilization fund for a united Europe in the 60 billion euros
expandable up to 500 billion, as well as the European Central Bank buy Sovereign
Eurobonds of the eurozone. Now Germany must take the appropriate
law that would allow it to participate in the stabilization fund . The government bill
already approved . Vote in the Bundestag is scheduled for the afternoon .

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