Today, metal roofing is so popular that
owners of private houses practically there are no doubt
than cover the roof.

Coating metal tile requires a certain expertise
and to engage in this kind of roofing work, even the experienced technician
will need an assistant, as well as professional tools. Metal
practical and reliable, also from a wide range, which offers
modern building materials market, find the right coloring does not make
easily. And yet, to metal for years to come,
when it is selected to take into account many factors that affect the timing of its
effective use. Properties of metal depend largely on
how the material is covered with galvanized sheet from which it is made.
Typically, this polymer materials: polyester, plastisol, or Puranas. But
and it's not all. In the decorative metal coating must
be a coat that is necessary for good adhesion of the polymer
material, and the passivating layer, which protects the galvanized sheet from
primers. The absence of one of these layers can only talk about low
product quality. In the most optimal cost polymer coating
Polyester has good resistance to corrosion and UV
radiation. Its only drawback - it's a bad resistance to mechanical
Effects. Plastisol although resistant to mechanical stress and corrosion,
but does not tolerate ultraviolet light. And at 60 degrees Celsius at all
loses its properties. So with such a coating metal is not recommended
for use in regions with a sunny climate. The highest quality, but because
relatively expensive coating of metal - it pural. Cover
of the Puranas are not afraid of corrosion and mechanical stress, temperature also
does not affect the efficiency of its use. Therefore, metal
with such a coating is by far the best. Unfortunately,
Sometimes there are products of 'private' manufacturers - metal,
in which the polymer coating instead of paint, a simple addition or
worse - the low-grade duct tape. These fakes even look strikingly
differ from the quality of roofing material. No cutting plotter film
followed by pasting of galvanized sheets, or even painting itself
Best enamel is no substitute for quality of protection, which gives puff polymers.
With a relatively low price, this "metal" will serve no more than
two years and very quickly rust.

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