April 19 2010 RA "Expert Rating " published security rating
insurance companies for life insurance.

The group was dominated by strong layfovikov companies with foreign
capital, which successfully survived the crisis. Currently, many
one level of external support has been restored to the highest possible
level. Collection of premiums by industry leaders remain ALICO Ukraine
Grave Ukraine and the TAC. From an analysis of the most reliable companies in the Ukrainian
life insurance market were recognized: - Jupiter Vien Insurance Group: A +
- SEB Life Ukraine: A + + - Ukrainian Insurance Group, "LifeВ»: A + + - Grave
Ukraine: A + + - Alico Ukraine: A + + - Fortis Life Insurance Ukraine: A +
- INGO Ukraine Life: A + + - Oranta-Life: A + The agency recalled that for
2009 life insurance companies according to the Financial Services Commission collected 828
million hryvnia in gross insurance premiums. In our ranking participated
18 companies, which in 2009 collected 663 million hryvnia in gross insurance
payments, ie, the size of premiums they cover 80% of the market. The company ALICO
Ukraine, according to our estimates, accounted for 21% of the market in Ukraine Grave - 18, 5%,
the company TAS - 14, 5%. In the group of companies that received the highest score of reliability,
The agency offers to pay attention to Ukraine and ALICO Grave Ukraine.
After the American Life Insurance Company ALICO AIG was
sold to another U.S. insurer Met Life, the level of external support
Ukrainian ALICO has been fully restored. Austria's Grave, traditionally
occupying leadership positions in the Ukrainian market is not affected by the financial
crisis, she even managed to finish the year in Ukraine, with the efficiency of its own
capital at 44%. From small companies in a group with very high resistance
hit, such as SEB Life insurers Ukraine and companies controlled by
Vienna Insurance Group: Jupiter and Ukrainian Insurance Group, "Life." Named
company were both perekapitalizirovany, and had a high level
external support, which could not attract the attention of insurers.
Good resistance (group B) was recognized by the following companies: - Generali
Garant Life Insurance: B + + - a life insurance company "BROKBUSINESS":
B + - Insurance Group "ProvitaВ»: B + - Illichivska: B + - Lemma-Vite: B + +
- Tecom-Life: B + The group recommended in the Agency to draw attention
at Generali Garant Life Insurance, a company with a traditionally high level
external support, as well as the life insurance company "BROKBUSINESS."
During the last crisis in 2009 demonstrated an unprecedented rate
growth in business volumes. In 2009 the UK insurance payments "BROKBUSINESS" grew
by 192%, while liquid assets in 3, 5 times cover liability.
Life insurance sector has experienced a crisis without high-profile defaults, the company began
show a market rate of return to policyholders in the segment is present
6.5 good players that do not disappear from the market under any circumstances.

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