Vacancy rates in Kiev office facilities professional classes
A and B for the past two weeks, dropped to 0 , 83 % to $ 11, at 65%.

According to the index of the capital market of office real estate has risen
In the first half of May and is 346, 5 points (an increase of 3, 25% or
10, 89 points). "Average rents in the square in Kiev professional
business centers have remained stable, within the minor fluctuations
(Up to $ 0, 6 per square meter. M). Rates are per square meter. m for class A - $ 43, 02, and
$ 28, 65 - to class B. The prices are including VAT and excluding operating costs, "
- The report says. In the segment of professional office space rental,
according to the company, there is a further stabilization in prices.
Until the end of May swings in prices on office market
Experts do not expect the reporter writes. "The index rose amid falling
amount of vacant space, particularly in BC Renaissance. In the future projected
gradual decrease in the vacancy on the background of stable prices ", - the
study. "In the first half of May, the office market in Kiev
there was a slight decrease in demand due to economic downturn
during the May holidays, "- said in a statement. As reported
earlier, since early April the vacancy rate for professional Kiev office
objects of class A and B increased by 0, 28% to 12, 25%

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