State has decided to engage seriously in his wards banks. At this time ,
relegating to second place high-profile problems of the nationalized Ukrgasbank,
Rodovid Bank and bank "Kiev" , officials have focused on Oshchadbank and Ukreximbank.

This attention soon led to the April rotation in the management of two
finstruktur state. Changes have occurred not only in the Supervisory
Councils - the officials picked up and more "worthy" of heads of state at the position
bankers. Market participants attributed the move not only with the possibility of state
strengthen control over financial institutions, but also with the new development strategies
own state banks. New gosglavy The fact that the term in office
Oschadbanka Anatoly Goulet is coming to an end, began to talk before
the official "divorce". His cadence can not be called simple: the appointment of
Goulet was not without scandal to the previous management, and implementation
its programs repayment of deposits - in people, "Julia's thousand" - has exposed many
problem of the heir of the Soviet Sberbank. Long queues and pensioners without
consciousness, freezes the software - this is only a small fraction
problems that have opened on the career horizon of Anatolia Goulet in 2008.
In 2009, Oschadbank expect new surprises related to the voluntary-mandatory
lending "Naftogaz Ukraine". Market participants have repeatedly pointed out
that, despite its status as a commercial institution, Oschadbank periodically
operates on principles that are contrary to the principles of economic
appropriate and based on unofficial agreements. By the way, for
the last two years consistently held Oschadbank among the leaders in profitability
work, has never declared a loss. Formally, Anatoly Ghouls passes
his heir is decent financial institution - consistently working
and showing a profit. In addition, the second system in terms of capital
(16, 6 bln.) And third in terms of assets (57, 6 bln.). Question
only true as the loan portfolio. "Still for Oschadbank
cooperation with "Naftogaz Ukraine" is the heaviest burden. It
due to the fact that in its loan portfolio Oschabanka proportion of "Naftogaz"
more than 22 bln., which is more than a third of all bank assets and
more than half of its loan portfolio as of the end of the first
quarter of 2010 "- notes the analyst of IG" TASK "Vadim Yemets. In this case,
According to the expert, the expected improvement in the financial condition of NAC will not be
contribute to an increase in the rate of repayment of debts owed to the bank of national companies,
due to the conduct of their restructuring in 10 years. Thus,
close cooperation of state monopoly and the largest bank has
long term, and it is unlikely that the financial condition of financial institutions
in the coming years will be dependent on any other company.
However, to solve problems with the borrowers would have been the former head of the Ukrainian representative
Swiss bank Credit Suisse Vyacheslav Kozak. His persona is little known
the public but well known to officials. In the early 2000s, he was
advisor to then Vice Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko also worked
in controlled Kluyev brothers of "Ukrpodshipnik." In the middle of
ninetieth Credit Suisse have repeatedly advised the State
on privatization, and later to enter the international markets. But
the main problem lies in the fact that Vyacheslav Kozak and Oschadbank at first
view malosovmestimy - the first has not worked in a large system with a retail bank
specialization, and the other few people today associate with the status of state
agent on the international markets. As in such a situation would be to look for points
contact Kozak and Oschadbank - yet hard to say. Probably the best
option would be modernized and universalization Oschadbanka. But choose whether
this variant of the state represented by the State Bank of Vyacheslav Kozak?
51-year-old Nicholas Udovichenko - the person in Ukreximbank is not new. For the benefit of
government agency he works since 1997, and since 2001, is
Vice-Chairman of the Board and a board member of the financial institution. By
official information, Udovichenko was responsible for the strategy to translate
Bank on foreign markets and for relations with international financial and investment
institutions. In expert circles is considered an authoritative Nicholas Udovichenko
nezapolitizirovannym and banker. Judging by the fact that he has extensive experience in
work in international markets, the government seriously concern itself with
international loans for the realization of their plans. It is likely that agents
will be performing two state banks. Moreover, according to Vadim Emtsa,
"The situation with Ukreximbank looks more rosy - financial institution
has a more balanced loan portfolio, while among the main
its risks remain outstanding external and internal bond
loans, repayment of which shall be made in the years 2010-2016, "The remaining
"Gosdeti" in the face Ukrgasbank, Rodovid Bank and bank "Kiev" is still in the process
internal restructuring and expect the new appointments to the posts of their heads
boards. The best chance to stay in power at the chairman of the board
Ukrgasbank Alexander Morozov, with Rodovid Bank and the Bank "Kyiv" officials
yet not fully defined. Everything in the garden In the new appointments to state banks,
government decided to adjust the rules for government
enterprises. In late March, the Ministry of Industrial Policy of its order
в„– 160 SOEs have made it mandatory to go to service in state-owned banks. Such a turn
event caused quite a natural resentment among the majority of commercial
banks, which actually put before the fact of loss of major corporate
clients. Real action on the part of the banking associations to wait long
did not have, and soon the AMC "noticed" in the actions of Ministry of Industrial Policy violations
antitrust laws. In turn, the ministry explained,
that an order has acquired a recommendation. Directors of state enterprises
in the form of recommendations to consider the proposed service in the state
banking institutions. For about a thousand state-owned banks with the volume of business
commitments of more than 100 bln. might be a good bonus. Question
accumulating cash budget and public
companies from time to time been raised by governments of different compositions.
This is understandable, say bankers, given that such a transition can
affect the bank and its credit policy with the support of a loan project
of the company, whose interests lobbied the authorities. Unequivocally:
While some market participants, according to this decision will have the privilege
compared with others, in this case violated the principles of market economy.
But this contradicts normal business practices and risk allocation.
Banking community felt the decision by which banks and their customers are structured
the form of ownership, a serious violation of equal relations between
all members of the banking market. "The problem is that when
businesses moving to cash management services to other banks
institution that is state-owned companies to go public
banks, private - in business, the way we begin to like them
divide that is fundamentally wrong and even dangerous, "- commented the possible
transfer of state enterprises in the state-owned banks head of the bank "Forum" Yaroslav
Kolesnik. According to him, there are banks in this segment are quite significant,
and if such a decision came into force, they could be seriously affected,
because their balance could be significantly altered. For businesses - clients
banks is fraught with change and level of service and product lines, and tariff
policy - and not for the better. "Choosing a bank is determined not only
ownership institutions. For each client, it is important to get the expected
range of banking products at the expected rate. And it is not always public
Banks are competitive in these proposals ", - concludes Yaroslav Kolesnik. The
The chairman of the bank "Khreschatik" Dmitry Gridzhuka the answer
for such a policy would be to minimize the public lending
industrial sector. It is absolutely illogical to transfer passive
base of companies in some banks, and lend them to others, and moreover, it
absolutely contrary to the tenets of monetary policy of any bank in any
country. Credit policy is based primarily on an understanding of financial
condition of the borrower and its monitor, analyze the level of payment discipline,
confident banker. This constitutes the customer credit history, without which it is impossible
correctly classify it, and its credit-related project risks.
P.S. Despite the fact that the order of Ministry of Industrial has acquired the status of recommendation,
and newly appointed head of Oschadbank and Ukreximbank are highly respected
persona in banking circles, few people emerge from the experts finrynka
doubts about the tightening of the rules of the game and focus of the state
on key financial assets. Perhaps such a policy, officials will
to spur competition in the banking market and "pull" service standards
state-owned banks to the level of their foreign colleagues. When the new chapters and Oschadbank
Ukreximbank be able to realize that as well as other tasks
Government, it is likely that state-owned enterprises do not have to specify
or recommend it serviced. It is hoped that this will be quite
conscious choice.

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