In a short time , our planet could witness a very rare event,
occurring once every few thousand years.

According to insiders from the Mauna Kea Observatory, Hawaii, a red giant
Betelgeuse is rapidly changing its shape. Over the past 16 years the star has lost
round, rapidly shrinking at the poles, while the star's equator
still held by centrifugal force. This is clear evidence that
that only a matter of weeks or months before becoming a star in a supernova.
How will this rare event from the ground? Suddenly, the sky erupts
very bright star. "It is very bright" - means the degree of brightness, as well as
at least the full moon, as a maximum - full sun. Space will continue this
show about six weeks, which means a half months, "White Nights"
in certain parts of the world, other people will enjoy two or three additional
hours of sunshine and breathtaking spectacle of an exploding star by night.
After two or three weeks after the explosion, the star begins to fade after a few
years - will finally turn to the terrestrial observer in the nebula type
Crab. Such an event in itself is unique - the last witness
observations of a supernova explosion on Earth dates back to 1054 year.

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