Prices for apartments here to stay ahead of the financial opportunities of Ukrainians
many of which have long lost hope to solve the painful housing problem .
For many people the only way to purchase a house - mortgage lending.

Potential borrowers advice of smart people do not listen, and as soon as the bank
agrees to a mortgage, a regular customer there on the hook. Moreover, most
demand long-term loans for housing, which for some reason, among
inhabitants are considered a priori the most favorable. Meanwhile, everyone who knew
basics of mathematics, understands more than the credit period, the greater the overpayment
on the loan. But one thing - to understand, and quite another - to have before my eyes
specific figures. Using the mortgage calculator one of the portals
and taking the initial data: the amount of credit - 400 ths., the interest rate
- 24 percent APR, get that credit period 10 years, monthly
fee of USD 8819. and the "overpayment" of the loan in 10 years to reach 258, 3
thous. Considerable sum, but it's peanuts compared with what would have
pay those who took credit for the 20 and, especially, for 30 years. Despite
what the monthly payments are reduced only slightly (to 10 per cent),
"Overpayment" in 20 years will be more than 1, 1 million USD. And for 30 years - more than 2
million USD.! For those who still doubt how long it should take a mortgage
consider, for clarity, credit terms of 25 and 30 years. If the difference
in monthly payments in the first and second versions of just 15 UAH.,
the "overpayment" shall be calculated by astronomical amounts - 1, 6 million UAH. and 2, 1
million USD. Thus, the monthly "savings" of 15 UAH. eventually leads
the loss of 0, 5 million UAH.! Clearly, these figures are very tentative and the exact parameters
Lending by banks are calculated in each case. But it is unlikely
whether the "overpayment" of the loan will be smaller - it is no secret that the more
credit period, the higher the interest rate. A rise in interest rates
at least 1 per cent increase on the final amount of one thousand dollars. For example,
at an interest rate of 24 percent per annum "overpayment" of the loan in 30 years
be 2, 1 million USD. and the rate of 25 per cent increase that amount to more than
100 ths. Despite the loss factor for a purse of a Ukrainian, mortgage
remains one of the most desirable types of bank lending. Although
many solve the housing problem by renting a house for most of our fellow citizens
lease - the first step on the way to his own apartment. From time to time
Banks revise interest rates and mortgage terms.
However, to Europe, where interest rates are several times smaller than the Ukrainian,
we still have a long way. Not ready to cut rates, banks increase
term loan, supposedly going to "meet the consumer." However, the common opinion
that long-term loans for housing - affordable, no more than an illusion.
In fact, more than the credit period, the greater the overpayment on the loan.
So all in debt to buy houses should temper ambition, a sober assessment
their capabilities and not buy something that is very desirable, but the fact that the forces

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