Monthly Report on the most popular among Ukrainians abroad markets
real estate. Czech Republic , to which the interest is growing continuously since June 2009 ,
the first time in history, ranking among the top five hit , forcing Finland.

mBolgariey the second consecutive month, one in five are interested buyer.
This Balkan country leads the rankings in August 2008. However, the gap
Bulgaria from Germany has not increased, despite the seasonal factors. Significant
jump up in April, has made Spain - more than 1% of the total number of requests.
Continues to move down the top ten in Finland. Over the past six months
she lost more than 2%. The emergence of Latvia in the top ten in March, was of
pack of a temporary nature - it is the time to actively discuss amendments
to the law under which foreigners buy property in Latvia
a certain amount, may be granted a residence permit. Regular
predicted a surge of interest in July after the entry of these amendments
force. In April, Latvia ranks only 11th place. After three months of absence
the top ten back in France. However, in April relative to March interest
it increased slightly, and in May, possibly top 10 it will leave -
except for Latvia, very tightly to France and Egypt is located. The largest
jump out of top-10 Hungary made - with a 29% to 1, 98%. Increased interest buyers
for Portugal, Croatia, Israel, Dominican Republic and Australia. Decreased
- To Thailand, Cyprus, Lithuania and Sweden.

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