From the new Labour Code , which can take in September,
- Depends , will become a job for the people in the real wage

"The newspaper ... "Figured out that in reality we have items of the Labor Code,
presented to the sauce to "improve" and "modernization." Nothing good.
Dimensionless time if the new Labor Code will be, will have to work anymore.
Ukrainians are even liable to lose their right to an eight-hour day, which
established in almost all of Europe even after the First World War. On
the current code, working hours can not exceed
forty hours a week, and for people engaged in hazardous work is
time is shortened to 36 hours. Every job is now over overtime
- That is, the employer must pay you for it in double time. The new
draft Labour Code working hours may be extended
up to ten hours and a maximum - and up to twelve. The working week can
increase up to 48 hours. But that's not all! If you agree with the employer
union leaders ("pocket" on the majority of Ukrainian enterprises)
workweek may be further stretched - and without any overtime pay.
These new rules may appeal to those who work on piece-rate basis -
Although all the money in any case not earn. But many workers
across the country will have a mandatory work as much as
says the owner - and for the same money as it is practiced today in Brazil
and Pakistan. Fines for anything Under the new draft Labour Code,
employer will be entitled to unilaterally define the personal material
responsibility of subordinates. Simply put, if the project is the deputy of the Party
Victor Jara regions will be finally approved in Parliament, your boss
always be able to assign blame you for real or fictional damage
calculated the cost of your paycheck. What a rich field of possibilities
to save on salaries of employees! The administration sees a further proposal
authors of the new draft Labor Code and did threatens to turn employees into something
between a fortress and the famous heroes of dystopia of Orwell. After all, it
provide an opportunity to monitor the work of employees with
by "technical means". In practice, it comes to filming, tapping
phones, control e-mail, chat rooms and personal Web pages
workers - although this initiative is directly contrary to Article 32 of the Constitution
Ukraine: "No one can experience interference in their personal and family
life, except as required by the Constitution of Ukraine. " Surveillance
in the workplace is a violation of privacy, which is confirmed
regulations of the European Court, the Venice Commission and the European
Court of Human Rights. Current labor laws also Ukraine
does not allow the collection and transfer of personal information of employees - but
it seems that the authorities want to know everything about us. Moreover, according to the project, collected
video information will only be available to the employer who can show
Video selectively treating the actions of workers in their own favor. And dumping
them mountains, "the labor of compromising." "The newspaper ... ": - A majority of legislators
quite happy with the new draconian rules. The draft of the new code is
on first reading unanimously voted at once 386 members. Impressive unanimity
to split into warring factions of the parliament. And no wonder -
because our "public servants" are in fact his masters, the very same "owners
factories, newspapers, steamships, "and have a direct interest in ensuring that their employees
worked more and received less ... Tolerate everything, but would not expelled
The current labor code, too, of course, is not perfect.
Also, it is often the norm do not - largely because we do not
know about their employment rights and do not give trouble to even look through the booklet,
where these sections are written. According to representatives of independent trade unions,
new draft Labor Code legitimize lawlessness, which is already happening now
in our offices and shops. To confirm his words, they produce several
stories of life in our camps office. Head Protection - sexy
blackmailer on one of the enterprises of Dnepropetrovsk employer ordered
about twenty-four hour video surveillance of the working environment of their employees.
Those who do not know that they filmed, while the Internet does not appear racy
video recording of dress at work the girls. The administration wrote off this
story on the initiative of one of the guards, but the company officials say
that it was revenge employee, who too often did not agree with his opinion.
Naturally, after this story she quit. Another story of this
kind of happened in one of Kiev's office, where "in order to monitor the proper
use of working time "secretly viewed the correspondence of their employees.
After that, head of blackmailing his colleagues by threatening to publish
facts about their personal lives - who is sleeping with whom, who is suffering from what, and even their intimate
videos. "Big Brother" offered to buy off him for sex
and money. However, here the authorities failed to liquidate the company situation
which itself is created. Blackmailer had been dismissed and handed over voluntarily collected
"Incriminating" - guaranteed to avoid criminal prosecution. According to
Dennis Levine, secretary of trade union "People's Solidarity," cases of this
blackmail is quite frequent, but the victims were afraid to bring them to light. - People
are very much afraid that he had fallen into the wrong hands they see the video co-workers, relatives
and in general anyone. Therefore, they prefer to remain silent and often perform
requirements of the blackmailers. If the practice of surveillance in the workplace legalize,
Such cases will be commonplace. 12 working hours plus a dressing supervisor
Extension of working hours without overtime in Ukraine long ago no one
no surprise. In the same Dnepropetrovsk company employees trader made
stick as much as twelve hours, and discontented at once offered to write
notice of resignation. Willing to lose a good salary is almost
was not. Special Officer to control the behavior of the trapped
cell office people - to not stay in the smoking room, the toilet and not
talking on the phone for personal reasons. The illegal actions of employers
should be submitted to the court, but unfamiliar with their rights, people often this
simply afraid. The more so that unscrupulous employers often try to
revenge, as told and "Gazeta ... "Union lawyer" Zahist Pratsi "Vitaly
Dudin: - Kiev edition has not paid its employees wages and seventy
three months, and unemployment benefits. It is not bankrupt and promises to pay
debts, but the employee who sued, put "at the end of the list of" payment
arrears. But then submitted fraudulent tables of attendance, stating
she had three months of absenteeism, though the plaintiff, as well as all staff at all
did not know of any "tabelirovanii" and the name of the employee appears on pages
newspapers, including dismissal. However, most cases of violation of labor
rights workers win it - until the new Code is not accepted. Expert
"Newspapers ... "" We're going back to the law of 1918 "Alex Klyashtornaya,
union leader, "People's Solidarity": - Under the existing Labor Code of the contract
on full financial responsibility may be concluded only with a limited
number of employees, the list of categories is approved by the Cabinet. So
such responsibility rests primarily only to persons receiving
value for safekeeping. The rest of Article 133 are only responsible
in the corresponding month's salary. But Article 413 of the new bill
allows us to conclude agreement on full with absolutely any matotvetstvennosti
employee. The question arises: who should determine the amount of damage that
I have caused to the enterprise, but at the same time - and the fact that I was guilty? Suppose
expensive equipment broke down, and "switchmen" designate three teams
shifts its service workers - 10 thousand euros for his brother. Executive
Body International Labour Organization recommended by our legislators fully
review these provisions in the draft. And that someone is listening to? The situation where
employer declares an employee guilty of causing harm, he identifies
his size and he himself deduct the money from a person's position salary
does not fit with the constitutional principle of "presumption of innocence."
In paragraph 5 of Article 4, we ratified the European Social Charter
- Too. But it does not matter. In addition, the provisions of paragraphs 3 and 4,
143 new Labour Code, formulated in such a way that the working day
may be at least 14, even 24 hours a day. In any enterprise. For any
category of workers. When you begin to criticize it, in response to hear arguments
a guard with a "daily" on duty. But the question is not on guard, and that
that we are in 2010, to the situation back in 1918!

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