If you plan to start decorating the living room after
repair, you strongly risk . Many of the original jewelry demand "dirty"
preparatory work. About this decoration should take care to primary
stages of repair .

Columns are usually built during the construction of the house. However, if you prefer, you can
create a "support", where there was none. Comes to the aid convoy or false
pilaster - a rectangular protrusion on the wall. This is a great way to visually reduce
too much room the living room, break it down into functional areas.
False wall in the living room often erected to create shallow niches.
They may need to picture (a false-box hidden illumination) or
placement of the plasma (hide the wires). At the bottom of the internal partitions can be placed
built-in shelves or, if the depth allows full storage space
or even a fireplace. Less solutions: the shrinking of living, and not visually
and very real. Arched openings are used for zoning the living room.
They can be divided into parts of a narrow, long room, or emphasize
bay window niche. Stucco - a classic attribute of the living room. Today's outlets
cornices and do not necessarily out of plaster from plastic counterparts cheap
easily dyed in any color, easy to install. Stucco should not be
in the living room too much. Fairly modest curbs on the perimeter of the ceiling
and outlet for the chandelier. In the interior doors instead of glass can be inserted
stained glass windows. They are specially ordered or replace the stained glass room temperature.
The advantage of this solution - is available to you any figure. However, you have
cause the master installer: self replacing glass in the majority
modern doors pretty hard. You can take care of stained glass
in advance, let him put them in a factory in the manufacture of linen. But
this will limit the range available to you "pattern." Stained glass can be inserted into the sliding
partitions or to arrange a false-box: box on the wall with stained glass and illuminated
inside. Perhaps, after repair you will come to the conclusion that the living room
get too dull and boring. Enliven the walls with a border can be
around the perimeter of the ceiling (many are sold in collections with associated wallpapers).
Alternative: painting stencils, stickers, ready Decoretto. If in the living room
lacks the visual center, you have to look at the bare empty walls
- Take their wallpaper. Panels can be vykleivat top of the normal wallpaper. Not
Keep in mind that too large drawing reduces the amount of room. Choose
pictures with a lot of details that do not bother with the time
examine it. Fans of graffiti recommend strike drawing a blank,
one-color wall. Offered for sale is an excellent all acrylics
colors of the spectrum. In the living room where the evening is more often dealt with only
any one angle, you can use fluorescent paint. Repair
over, the furniture is, it's time to add those little things in the living room, which
form "nature" of the interior: paintings, photographs, mirrors, shelves and
etc. For the pictures are better suited solid-color walls. In the case of many-colored wallpaper
choose a wide frame. The rule is: large canvases hung at an angle,
slightly above eye level, small - at eye level, directly. Collection of postcards,
pictures of people close to the same part or mat hangs groups.
From the pictures, you can make a collage in one large frame. The mirror in the living room
not necessarily, but if you want, why not hang? Well, if the light
reflected from a mirror, falls into the darkest corner, while not recommended
hang reflective cloth strictly in front of windows and doors. For souvenirs,
various collections enough to have a shelf on the wall. Particularly interesting
"Exhibits" can illuminate. On the same shelf you can put a few books
which guests can browse in your absence (pass the time). All the details
living up to the furniture fittings and door handles are the elements
decor. In creating the interior are no trifles. Brackets, rods, hooks
curtains, furniture handles, hinges eaves - in addition to its direct tasks are performed
and a decorative function. Therefore it must be combined with each other and with the furniture
the color and style.

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