With the money of any live , and you try without them , joke optimist, when
to pay for another ten days , and in my purse - just a trifle . However,
such a situation for us - not out of the ordinary . Ukraine has got
antireyting in the remuneration for their work. This was even discussed at the General
Session of the International Labour Organization, the United Nations.

Convenient to state the salary scale to manipulate issues and indeed
prohibitive. Since the beginning of arrears of wages, according to
According to Goskomstat, has grown to 16, 2% and 1 billion 777 million
hryvnia. The worst situation, experts say - in Lugansk, Donetsk,
Kharkiv, Kyiv Regions and in the capital. That is exactly where the ruling
party controls one hundred percent power. And for the last four months
arrears of wages have increased more than 200 million hryvnia. Only
for June rose 11%. Lack of adequate state control
- No small problem. For the timely consideration of labor took the citizens
personally meet the prime minister. How can solve the problem? Methods are as old as the world:
key administrators of budget funds will be reporting almost weekly.
It would be for that. PGO even hooked. And those leaders who
persist and "clamped money" before October 1, threatening to "move" from the office.
Sounds, of course, is optimistic. Too optimistic to be true ...
There is another piquant moment. The new government strongly emphasizes
to state that rely mountains of gold. And they will raise the salaries (even for a couple of
hryvnia, but still!), and compensation for lost social credited
assistance. There is a logical question: where to improve? The catch, of course,
is not quite on the surface. Indeed, small-scale entrepreneur to the current regime
not very profitable. Much nicer seduced him with the flat tax in the bosom of the budget,
tempt even miserable, but stable deductions. For self-sufficient
people to the State are not necessary. Much easier to manipulate standing
in a single budget system. Employers vs employees No matter what the owners
business, explaining the lack of "hard-earned," to remember: their arguments are
not always true. Perhaps the money from the company and in fact, no - let's say,
such a way to optimize costs, a kind of alternative to downward pressure on wages
and dismissal. In any case, this emphasis makes lawyers. An anonymous
Poll (one of the Ukrainian sites) the primary cause of delays in payment
wages, employers called the desire to win on exchange. "And if
withhold wages for more than two months, there is another means of
pressure on staff "- a shared, D., CEO of IT-technologies.
"In our area," turnover "is quite large - often people that are not satisfied,
they begin to lure away. And because the mechanism works: first you pay well
and time, then any excuse to delay for a couple of months, podkidyvaya
small advances for food, travel, and then again begin to pay. But
debt is not going away and safely are registered for the employer. Meanwhile
employees clearly understand that if fired - their money will never get. "
However, workers and employees are not always able to deceive themselves. In the course of
are pretty creative ways to protect themselves. "After one and a half months of delay
salary I demanded his part, and I was let go - says the advertising
Alevtina agent. - It is clear that I have earned a not counted.
But not too lazy, and at all relevant for Comments on
that in my former company has "scammers." Given that the city have
We have a little, this is hardly a good effect on their business. " P.S. If the person
you withhold wages and you do not see the council on their employers, we
ready to tell your story in the pages of "BB". Complain, and will come to you!
Director of the Department of State supervision over compliance with legislation
Labour 'Gosnadzortruda "Vladimir Sumovsky: - Every year we spend 45 000
inspections, and in 93-94% of cases are detected violations of payment.
Man enough to write a statement that clearly indicates where
it works, how many years and the salary for a period he does not receive, as well as
your address and other contact information. Of course, he may submit any
documents (copy of employment record, income statement, they must
be certified), but this is optional. All the materials in any case
transmitted to law enforcement. If they're within 10 days does not turn
case for lack of evidence, the head of the company attracts
administrative charges, as well as regulate the maturity
debt. Gone round workers - pay the fine from 11 March, Ukraine tightened
responsibility for violation of labor laws. Deliberate groundless
non-payment of salaries of more than one month now punishable by a fine of not only
$ 8, 5-17 thous. but corrective labor for up to two
years. To problem now interested regulators,
enough workers to file a complaint with the Labor Ministry or the regional administration.
Another question is how effective it will ultimately appeal Pull ...
Do you pay and how you deal with the lack of money? This is what we asked
citizens. It turns out that people almost come to terms with the situation. Say,
and what to do? "I try to save - to give difficult," Tatyana Ivanovna, director
- I work on contract, and we have "deferred" wages - the perfect norm
life. I would rather be surprised if it was on time. True, the delay
not that much - for a week and a half. But this is enough to start
counting the days to hours, "X". If she lived alone, had to be tough. And so I try to
save and borrow. Because only then it is very difficult to give. "How
survive - she did not understand, "Tamara, an engineer - salary in our institute delay
constantly. First it was five days, and then began to increase delay.
And in July, God forbid, to raise money for May. And what do you say, working
places - one, two and miscalculated. If that does not like it - go ahead, with things on
output. I feel terrible. The husband with the work situation is similar. As
survive - she did not understand. Summer, and I was horrified to look to the counters - we still
single fruit, single fruits are not eaten ... "rescues stash for a rainy
day, "Valentine, the manager - I have two jobs - well, not counting the one at which
employment history is. On each pay delay. But because they still
two, I will not disappear. In one two-week delayed - advance to the second coming.
So cool. It's unpleasant, of course - to buy a good book, already have
limit yourself, and if you have money and no time - so at all. All
also try to have at least the minimum, and the stocks, or just awful
feel. Stash for a rainy day and helps you survive when you do not pay
in two offices. Oh, I would at least five thousand - could live. I would myself
feel free - and a vacation would go, and your favorite hobby
do. And ten thousand - so do dreamboat. And so - remains the only
dream ...

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