Yesterday's sensational news of the power of the 50 % confidence for gas price hike
population and does plunged many into a state of shock.

Post National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC)
posted on its website a little too much "on-partisan": almost deep
night. And yesterday it was reported that gas prices will rise and businesses
power system. It is not hard to predict what it will result in just the current
fall. "It's not us. It's all "official version of officials from Grushevskogo
- "It's all the IMF loans to countries otherwise not see." In other circumstances,
This explanation would be enough. That's just not in our situation.
It is unlikely that experts from the developed democratic society can fully understand
tricky Slavic soul. Simply put, one more question - whether income will increase
of "Naftogaz". After all, citizens are mostly just paying for. And then
the money somewhere to disappear and for some reason do not reach the destination.
To just look intermediaries (regional gas companies and power companies owned by a handful of
oligarchs close to the ruling party)? If you have to remember that
any price increase, "communal" automatically reduces the number of regular
payers, the authorities' intention to seem even more dubious. They can be
compared only with attempts to force the Ukrainians every month to buy
a gold ring. People robbed and plundered Such a step farther, of course,
lead to the total impoverishment of the Ukrainians. "Increasing the price of gas for households
50% - just another confirmation that the Ukrainian people have been robbed,
when signing an agreement to extend Black Sea Fleet
Russian Federation ", - said MP (BYuT), Andrei Senchenko. According to him, the whole
benefit from the Kharkov agreements "went into the pockets of the owners of the chemical
enterprises of our country, especially Firtash, and some owners
metallurgical enterprises, but gave nothing to the public. " That is, the oligarchic
clans who came to power, strengthen their business by ordinary citizens.
So it strikes close to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine did not exclude the possibility
further increase in gas prices for the population, namely consumer
3rd and 4th categories. True, the timing and amount of increase has not yet announced.
Of course, that Ukrainians do not tomorrow stormed the Cabinet, he immediately
promised subsidies. Here are just some sense to carry more expensive gas and its
... the same offset? And who, say, at this win? It seems that the prospects
we have the most to you that neither is sad. Most likely, a few
months will increase consumer prices for food, rent, services ...
In general, the predicted price increase will add an autumn several
points. Interestingly, the expectations of power? Total strike? Or the fact that
Ukrainians will just die out? Rates may drop again? "Our forecast
Inflation for 2010 is to review "- say in Astrum Investment
Management. Experts explain: too high uncertainty
increase in tariffs and their implications for the dynamics of the consumer price index
prices. However, financial experts do not rule out that the decision on tariffs for households
may be given a back up. Especially in light of the approaching elections in mestnyeorgany

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