Safety at home , where you are, laid him on the stage
create, design and construction. For example, if you do not want to
in case of fire your home has become a real fire trap , and if
you perenasytite his many technological solutions, then the material,
from which they are fulfilled , you have every chance to just die.

A sad picture , is not it? Do not forget that the fire
- This is not the only indicator . Another house should be safe to
sanitary-epidemiological sense, seismically stable, as well as his
should be all right with thermoregulation . Otherwise, in summer you
will die from the heat , and winter colds sore , even
especially without going anywhere . Ventilation and air exchange regulation - it is generally
separate issue. Most of the stone houses suffer oversaturation of carbon
gas, which slowly but surely kills the brain cells of our
body. Wooden houses can solve this problem , but they are not for everyone
approach , and not in every place you can install them . Remember, if
according to state standards can not take your house into operation , it means that
that there are quite objective reasons. Norms were not created for
to be able , by paying a bribe to get around them . It is fraught with you , your health
and life.

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