Melon Melon Common - an annual plant with creeping gourd family
stem length of 1-3 m. The fruits are large, fragrant. Fruit pulp is based
on the sort of white , greenish , light -orange.

In a ripe melon contains very digestible carbohydrates by the body, a significant
some of which are glucose, fructose and sucrose. In the flesh melons are many
B group vitamins, vitamin C, mineral salts of potassium, magnesium, iron
(Required for hematopoiesis and normal course of oxidative
in the body), calcium, selenium and other beneficial effect on blood-
organs, cardiovascular system, endocrine glands, the thymus
iron - these "immune system clock", and anatomically related to her thyroid
gland. Melon pulp contains fiber and pectin, which is almost
are not digested in the gastrointestinal tract, and by improving peristalsis
adsorb harmful substances in the intestine, promoting their clearance
and excreted. Melon strengthens and improves the secretory and motor
function of the digestive system. Especially famous melon high
folic acid (vitamin Bc), which stimulates the hematopoietic function
bone marrow and the formation of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Therefore, very melon
useful in short supply with folic acid in the body: 150 g melon flesh completely
meets the daily needs of people in this valuable material. The same
150 g of melon and provide a daily rate of potassium, magnesium and rare mineral germanium,
Promotes healthy heart and kidneys, reduced pressure and
cholesterol. By the way, potassium and magnesium in the melon is much more
than, for example, cucumbers, pears and cabbage. Since the beginning of ripening in melon
dominated by fructose. It is sweeter than regular sugar, but, in contrast,
does not cause stress insular apparatus of the pancreas, which is very
important for patients with diabetes. Fructose is the most suitable natural
sugar for all older people. This is the best kind of sugar disorders
cholesterol and lipid metabolism, the intestine, in atherosclerosis.
It is quite enough in melon and glucose needed to maintain normal
concentration of sugar in the blood and a liver glycogen stores, which supports
power of muscles, especially the heart. Lose Weight with the taste of particular value melon
adds that the melon - a versatile product for those who want to lose weight.
There are lots of fluid - 67% and low in calories - 100 grams of melon contains a total of 42
calories (mainly from natural sugars). Therefore, it is useful to arrange
his melon fasting days - tasty, effective and there are no contraindications.
A few slices of melon create a feeling of satiety, and a high fluid content
helps cleanse the body, besides the lion's share of carbohydrates in melon
represented value for the organism in the absence of monosaccharides
starch. Therapeutic properties of the melon has a diuretic effect without
irritation of the urinary tract, which allows to apply
of diseases of these organs. Melon has no direct counter-
for use in clinical nutrition for almost all chronic diseases.
In autumn, the season of melons, be sure to "melon" treatment. Eaten
Here are a few pieces of melon, like a good cleaner, cleanse your digestive
tract of accumulated harmful substances, improve kidney function, help the liver,
cleanse the blood capillaries and vessels, will bring out the organs and tissues over-
amount of water and thus save the swelling. When uric acid and calcium oxalate
melon pulp stones is a must: it contains alkaline components,
promote dissolution of stones. In the season of melons eat at least two pieces
Melon medium-sized daily, between meals is better. Replace sugary
pies, cakes, sweets and cakes this delicacy. Those who suffer from angina
uric acid diathesis, arthritis, kidney disease, biliary tract, it is useful
arrange two days a week unloading melon diet. During the day it is necessary
eat a half to two kilograms of fresh melons, 300 g of pulp healing
at a time. After several days of melon diet of people suffering from osteochondrosis
spinal pain, stop worrying, the mobility of the vertebrae.
If you eat a day to 500 grams of melon, are constipated, normal operation
gastro-intestinal tract. If plagued by pain in the joints, then, along with the usual
treatment is very useful on a daily basis (at least in season), eat 2-3 slices
melons in the morning and evening. Within a week you will feel relieved. Melon
helps with prostate adenoma - relieves pain, eases overall health.
If you eat 200 grams of melon, slowly, slowly, hold longer chewed
pulp in the mouth, will be a headache. Melon rind attach to burns
and to small cuts, bruises - they are quickly healed. By the burnt site
well put a piece of frozen juice of melon, which is just in case
nice to have in the freezer. Melon bath helps to relieve allergies. Prepare
its simple. As the water temperature 36-37 В° C is poured into a glass of papaya juice, or
just throw pieces of melon and sliced ​​melon rind. In the course of a sufficiently
seven procedures.

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