President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and Foreign Minister Konstantin
Gryshchenko discussed the schedule of foreign visits and visits to the President of Ukraine
leaders of other countries. The press office of the President .

Head of state and head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs discussed the most pressing issues
that are currently facing the foreign ministry of Ukraine
priorities and directions of future work. During the conversation, the Minister
noted that during the period of stay of Viktor Yanukovych as President of Ukraine
"Dynamics of our bilateral relations with key strategic partners
acquired quite a different dimension. "Hryshchenko stressed that it is
their substantially increasing, as, in particular, by the State
status scheduled for September 2-5 visit of President of China
People's Republic. "To our knowledge, the Chinese side is preparing for
this visit as an exceptional event "- the minister said, adding
that it is not just about the protocol form, but also a serious meaningful
filling. According to Grishchenko, the program of the visit includes a visit
Ukraine's president in Beijing, where he will meet with Yanukovych's three leaders
China. Also, the President of Ukraine will visit Shanghai - the most powerful economic
Center of China, and Hong Kong, which have accumulated considerable financial and banking
resources. "All this should give real benefit to our country" - said
Hryshchenko, speaking of the next most important foreign visits. Minister
also noted the planned August 30 visit to Germany, during which
will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other
political leaders of the country. The minister stressed that the visit "will allow
bring us their views on the agreements which we seek
achieved with the European Union, and to develop bilateral relations with Germany. "Leader
Foreign separately noted a significant interest in our state of the
Eastern partners. In this context, he recalled, scheduled for September
visit to Ukraine of President of Kazakhstan and the expected fall visit to our state
President of Azerbaijan. "There are issues of strategic weight is the Dynamics
and real interest, which will have serious positive implications ",
- Said Grishchenko. According to him, and somewhat later to be held
Official visit of President of France. September 6 Head
Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans to leave for London to prepare the visit of President of Ukraine
UK. In addition, the continued serious training to participate
Viktor Yanukovych in the UN General Assembly and Summit, which she
will precede. "All of these international events, activities of bilateral
order, as well as part of the President of the UN General Assembly in late September
aimed at strengthening the international position of Ukraine, the implementation of specific
plans to be implemented in both bilateral and multilateral
format ", - said K. Grishchenko. The minister also reported to the state
to reorganize the central office of the foreign establishments of Ukraine. "Home
challenges posed today by the President - the continuation of the pragmatic course
primarily on the economization of foreign policy "- said Hryshchenko
after the meeting. According to him, it is not just about the declarative statements
and on the specific work aimed at supporting Ukrainian exporters
for help in dealing with pressing issues at the international level and in
the context of the larger projects that "may give a strong impetus
for the economic development of Ukraine in the energy, aircraft building, space
and other areas. "It's about attracting serious investment, which
must come not only through the efforts of the Foreign Ministry,
but also as a result of serious reform of the economic component of the
our government, reducing the number of licenses, the formation of another
regulatory framework, "- noted the Minister. He stressed that the Ministry should encourage
this process. Grishchenko also informed the President about plans to expand
cooperation with Russia, the USA, as well as the negotiation process with the EU.
He stressed that the Russian side highly appreciates the willingness of Ukraine to
Russian aid to fight fires. "Your willingness to assist the very high
appreciated by our partners in Moscow. This is clear evidence that
not only from Russia may be assisted, but that we can
really help in a difficult situation, "- said the minister." We go to the
stage, when the agreed works of various ministries and agencies depend on
the final result. And the president has set specific targets, not only to
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but also to other ministries and departments of Ukraine ", - said

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