Three days ago, Ukrainians once again demonstrated that " life has become
better , life has become merrier "(as promised recently acting prime minister).

Rising cost of gas for households and businesses is clearly adds fun
to our already very Jolly life. This, after a blatant Kharkiv
agreements on the Black Sea Fleet step, the summit has already invented a lot of excuses.
True, they are divided on the banal logic and arithmetic. New gas
Myths cynicism of power, has adopted this decision, as we see, is extremely high.
Dizzy rapidly constructed by the power vertical rolls over.
Still made some attempts to explain and justify this critical
for her move. In defense of the increase has come up with some arguments. In fact,
They are myths, which can expose a little bit so-called experts.
What they did not fail to do so. The first myth. The population of low pay for gas,
and because of this "Naftogaz" has appeared in the features of bankruptcy. In fact,
in a deplorable state "Naftogaz" hitherto only been accused Tymoshenko.
Population (that is the electorate) while somehow not mentioned. But now
financial condition "Naftogaz" invented a new explanation. Let us hear
in this regard the expert's opinion. Igor demonstrates Burakovsky, Director
Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, "As
on April 1, 2010 in Donetsk region the level of payment by the population of payments
for gas is 97, 1%, Dnepropetrovsk - 94, 8%. " But looking at the operational
information "Naftogaz Ukraine" on the state of the calculation of enterprise teplokommunenergo
for natural gas during the heating season of 2009-2010, we see that "in Donetsk
area population is calculated at 97%, the company teplokommunenergo -
only 57%, in Dnipropetrovsk - population 94, 8%, the company teplokommunenergo
- 57%. " The second myth. Companies teplokommunenergo consume Russian
gas, and therefore increase the domestic price will not affect them. No Way!
Explains the director of "Institute of the City" Alexander Sergienko, "In the cost
provision of heating and hot water, gas accounts for 50-55%.
Ukrainian gas, the cost is $ 30 per thousand cubic meters
well as sold to the population and teplokommunenergo. Moreover, the population
- For 67 dollars, and businesses - on the 111. " According to A. Sergienko, after
increasing gas prices, utility bills automatically increase by 25%. And
Incidentally, in the summer in most urban houses in two or three weeks, usually
much more of this chart, turn off hot water. A pay
have been on the new payment system ... The third myth. Everyone will need subsidies.
Already on August 1 they will pay to all who pay for utilities takes more
15% of income (for pensioners - 10%). In theory, that is, on paper - will. AND
report will not be forgotten. But the subsidy, as we are told, do not put those
who have rent arrears. Even in a single month. Today, more than 25% of the population
have debts for communal services. Debt and without a poor salary
Nor can pay utility fees. But the calculation of power is
that now all who wish to receive the subsidy, and will run podnatuzhatsya
pay debts, and then another, and to pay the new rates. Dubious expectation.
Rather, it will not run for the subsidy. And now look at the vicious circle
who drives a government. According to the Cabinet, at the moment
subsidies already received about 800 thousand families, and those added after the increase
another 350 thousand. So, if a family of two pensioners receiving the minimum
pension (for 709 USD per person, total - 1418 USD), will now pay
for the flat area of ​​30 square meters. m about 200-220 USD, then the subsidy will amount to 60-80
UAH. 8-10 dollars grant for the state should find more than a million
pensioners. Where the money? Of the IMF loan, which was given because they were
increased the price of gas! Of taxes, for the tenth time entrepreneurs ripped off!
Not as a luxury tax, which the servants of the people and not imposed ... Myth Four.
Higher prices for gas for the population would allow Ukraine to increase the production of hydrocarbons
and reduce dependence on imports. This explanation sounded Minister of Fuel
and Energy Yuriy Boyko. So we have the same, Mr. Boyko, a treaty with Moscow,
by which the price of gas decreased by 30%! Why are you blocking the development of
own fields under the previous government? Rhetorical question ...
In fact, his own gas production in the country is enough - certainly
in order to cover the needs of the population and housing. The price for this increase
is not necessary. Ukraine has produced no less than 20 billion cubic meters. meters of gas. This as
just enough so that fully cover the needs of the population. But Azarov
thinks differently. "To argue that we have a gas produced domestically,
gas is imported - should depart from this common misconception.
Because we own gas is not enough to close
needs of the population. One has an additional 20 billion
cubic meters earmarked for this purpose "- the head of the Cabinet. Previously, he noted,
that "Naftogaz" to the end of 2010 will reduce its own budget deficit
50 billion USD to 10 billion, and in 2011 may reach break-even operation.
It should be understood as the time from the current 50% increase. But what
deal to these studies an ordinary citizen? He clearly knows - an increasing
time now and will improve in the second and third. After power has actually betrayed
their constituents. And once betrayed, as you know, they will deliver in the future.
What should I do? Since the street protests go on no one is going (and
it - first out), and the elections (second exit) already pre-calculated power
will, as always, survive and adapt. There are several solutions.
Solution one - go to electric heating. Provided that the officially
draw heat with electricity, the tariff is reduced to 19 cents, also
You can set the three-band meter and heat the room
only at night, then the fare will be 10 cents. Solution two - economic use of
energy. For example, now the offices of some companies to
weekend turned off the gas supply and reduce the heat consumption in the evening
and at night. But this can be done only if the individual
heating systems. Solution three. Install boilers. This decision
most important for buildings with an area less than 100 square meters. m. For them, perhaps
reduce heat consumption to its lowest level - 2,500 cu. m. Setting
boiler cost about 3000-3500 USD, taking into account the value of all agreements.
With approximately 200 cu. m of gas saved the cost of installing such
boiler will pay for itself in about a year. How long? But it is at least some way.
Solution four. Installation of gas meters and meter and hot water.
But as long as they are installed, will have to pay for gas and hot water
(Which is still in the summer and off) for new rates. And in order to
government laid out his money in the pockets of the IMF, adding them to the money
confiscated from us after the increase. And the money contained, for example, power
bodies that will protect them against possible protests. The solution of the fifth.
Practically unacceptable for our passive and fragmented population.
Trying to prove that a particular user (eg, AJOAH) must pay
Housing for the amount that he was not counting housing office and residents themselves. Otherwise, we
with you, the consumers of public services, and will continue to stifle inflated
prices for utilities to write off losses on our fuel and energy
keep for months without hot water for weeks - no heat, thus deriving
teplokommunenergo funds in offshore accounts. Cowardice and bias power of first
terminate the contract of trust with the voters, not to mention the fact
that has not reached and was not going to reach an understanding with the rest of Ukraine.
So far, the situation fits the metaphor of the "Oak and the Calf." Account
stated that the government, sadly repeat it as their own
Mantra is as strong as ever. But strong only through our weakness. Vertical
cynical power can only undermine the general disillusionment. A
such, alas, is not expected. Disappointment is already there, and it is very
great, but it did not become public and will not. Manipulation and falsification
in the local elections will be multiplied by conformism and passivity most
population, which, even if it is aware that his choice is adjusted highs,
not ready to defend their will. Post-Maidan syndrome dominates
Ukraine. And the power it enjoys. And, after all, what do we say this? "Eats"
in local elections on October 31 the figures are already laid down for us? After
it will be exactly the local elections, then there are those that most closely
related to our daily lives, our way of life. It is they, the mayors and councils
all levels are responsible for the state of our public utilities. Most of them are already "formed"
under the new regime, which gives them an opportunity to cash in on the new tariffs.
Representatives of the former government, called the opposition want to get into power
to themselves take the place. By the way, has abandoned a rumor that the power
may here and there "miss" the selection of alternative candidates for the PR, in order to
They took over first negative reaction to tariff increases. But the authors
this technology should be understood that at the time of elections the country will be
Three months to live with the new tariffs. That's enough to try to make
his "gratitude" to the authorities on October 31. At least the column "against all". Then
the possibility of such will not be, at least two years. Or as long as the
desired power oligarchy.

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