According to expert estimates, only a quarter of construction materials in Russia could be
called completely safe for use in homes.

All the rest can be a serious threat and cause significant
harm to human health. Thus, the statistics of the World Health Organization
indicates that non-manufacturing facilities in urban air in
4-6 times dirtier than the streets. And the main contribution to this pollution are making
building and decoration materials, and furniture. Choose Window Window
"Windows" have excellent sound insulation and energy-saving properties.
However, they lack ventilation gap that leads to disruption
gas composition in the premises located in the homes of the type of building, ventilation
which was designed by "the old windows." So when installing "packages"
requires a special vent. As for the damage plastic
Profile (made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)) - is a myth. PVC products
surround us everywhere. This is vinyl wallpaper, linoleum, and digital home appliances,
toys, kitchenware, plumbing pipes. PVC can be a source of harmful
Substances dioxin and phthalates only during combustion, that is, at
more than 200 degrees. At temperatures of 60 degrees from the PVC is not released
practically nothing. That's why PVC window profile in a normal situation
Secure В¬ sen, but a formal room, where he established В¬ linen, eco-friendly name
impossible. The reason for the popularity of plastic windows is the lack of adequate
cost technology. For instance, wooden windows with double-glazed windows are used
units because they are too expensive. Choose floor cleaner
sex is the one that does not give emission of chemicals into the atmosphere
premises (ie, no chemical smell). It may be a laminate,
and carpeting, and linoleum. Of course, preference is given to the parquet floor, but you must
remember that the paint or mastic has a significant influence on the selection
harmful substances into the atmosphere. Linoleum is produced in most of the PVC. Danger
may be the same and the glue that is used for laying linoleum.
Rolled cheap segment are often a source of formaldehyde, a
expensive laminates practically safe. Using natural stone floors
porcelain or must-carry out a radiological examination
and expertise to radon. Repairing the walls Quick drying Super pliable
putty subsequently emit a large amount of phenol. Dry mixes for
Facade absolutely can not use indoors. With respect to
wallpaper, it is preferable to choose the paper, and adhesives - to starch or
on the basis of casein. Non-woven wallpaper still synthetic, and they are less
preferable to repair the apartments. Should pay attention and
on the glass wall. Abroad, particularly in Germany, where safety standards
in construction are very high, over 70% of health facilities are covered with steklooboyami.
The starting material for their production is a special glass, from
whose temperature reaches 1,200 degrees fiberglass, fiberglass
formed by different types of yarn and thickness of the yarn and then woven wallpaper
cloth. At the core of fiberglass production only natural materials:
silica sand, soda, lime and dolomite, which guarantees the environ В¬ Kuyu
clean wall surface and the absence of a nutrient medium for microorganisms
or parasites. Through the use of natural minerals have a fiberglass
high strength - they are not torn, no scratches, they are not afraid
chemical effects of concentrated disinfectants. Fiberglass
can be safely washed. For the walls should not be used polymerizable
paint, and with care to use cork. Choose
The best solution for ceiling ceiling in the apartment is vodoimulsionnaya
paint. Suspended ceilings can be reservoirs of dust, which leads to deterioration
air quality. Undesirable ceilings, as the first
three months, they may produce phenol. Aluminum ceilings are environmentally friendly.
Types of Radiation contamination refers to the unavoidable environmental contaminants.
Of building materials increased radiation sources can be materials
Natural stone, usually granite, and concrete, brick, if their
of sand fell out of a troubled career. Never "fonyat"
marble and limestone. The source of electromagnetic pollution may be
improperly connected power cables, wiring, junction
shields, transformer substation, electric heaters. Very
often the power cables are connected so that the "Earth" and "Worker 0"
are in the same vein, giving rise to electromagnetic
fields (EMF), the intensity of which usually exceeds the standards in several
times. Serious excess magnetic fields may give such an engineering
decision as a "warm floor". Especially critical if the system is implemented
single heating element loops are laid over the entire area of ​​the room.
"Warm floor" of such a construction leads to 10-fold excess of the norm
magnetic field in the room and escape it makes no sense. There
"Warm floors" that are built on a so-called bifilar system.
Their level of the magnetic field is approximately two times lower. A lot of the nuances associated
violations of mounting technology "warm floor". In any case, the child
and bedrooms should be avoided like the heating system because the consequences
EMF on the human body the most serious - from headaches
and fatigue, urinary tract dysfunction, finishing and
cancer. The most common types of chemical pollution
- Phenol, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, ammonia, microscopic dust (silicate
and cement). Source of chemical contamination can be most
building materials: concrete, plaster, paint, varnish, carpet,
heaters, etc. The newly built and refurbished premises
there is little ecological disaster. At this point, new paint, varnishes,
Furniture actively emit harmful substances. Even if the use of the material
each of which separately is not dangerous and has a sanitary
Finally, together they can create pollution, which in some
times the maximum permissible concentration. Chemical pollution
for a significant decrease in immunity, and many diseases:
liver, kidney, central nervous system, respiratory system. In most
cases the most effective way to deal with chemical pollution
the apartment is a regular intensive aeration. The consequence of microbial
Pollution is a violation of the climate, the development of fungi.
They are likely to cause - in violation of design that lead to
violations of the microclimate in the area. Very often in violation of technology
construction of walls, when a heater is located in the interior of the wall, it begins to
condense moisture, which is not connected to the outside. This creates
favorable conditions for the development of dangerous microorganisms - saprophytic, mycelial
fungi and other harmful bacteria and fungi, many of which are extremely
active and represent a very serious threat to human health.
The cause of microbial contamination in the building can also serve as wrong
designed or operated in violation of the ventilation system. For
control microbiological contamination is necessary first of all, to improve
climatic conditions, ventilation. If the air is too dry - put
humidifiers, visible lesions, and all the room the whole process
antiseptic. If the focus is not visible, but it is known that contamination is present,
you must install the photocatalytic filters which do an excellent job
with bakzagryazneniyami. Photocatalytic filter can be replaced by ultraviolet
lamp. Microbiological contamination is often caused by raspiratonyh
disease and the presence of mold spores in the atmosphere of a room
dangerous for people with allergies. Conclusions In order to build an environmentally
clean house, you need to follow a few rules: conduct radiological
examination of construction materials (brick, concrete and so on). Do not use
materials with unusual properties (fast-drying, superelastic, and so
etc.), as they are achieved through the addition of chemical additives.
After the completion and finishing work is necessary to conduct a comprehensive
environmental expertise and facilities to eliminate the detected contamination.
A comprehensive environmental assessment includes measuring the level of radiation
(Alpha, beta and gamma radiation), the measurement of electromagnetic radiation 50
Hertz (electric and magnetic fields), chemical analysis of air, microbiological
analysis of the air. All measurements and tests are compared with the standards of the Russian Federation and
EU outlines possible and obvious sources of pollution, their impact
on human health and recommendations for removal of contaminants and sources.

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