Dollarization of the economy of Ukraine in January -June 2010 decreased by 2, 1
percentage points - to 29 6%.

"On the gradual elimination of the influence of devaluation expectations factor
economic agents, and increased trust in the national currency unit
indicates a stable downward trend (from February 2010)
calculated rate of dollarization of the economy - as of July 1, 2010
He was 29 years, 6%, compared with 31, 7% at the beginning of the year ", - quotes
"Interfax-Ukraine" message of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU). At the same time
NBU marks a substantial increase in currency in the interbank deals
foreign exchange market in the first half. Growth in foreign income
currency into the country has led to sustained domination of supply over demand.
According to NBU, in general, in the first half of 2010, net supply
foreign currency amounted to almost $ 4, 5 billion against net demand at $ 6, 2 billion, which
observed in the corresponding period last year. According to the report,
This situation has allowed the NBU in the January-June 2010 to buy $ 5, 786 billion (equivalent).
"The total positive balance of interventions NBU in the first six months of the current
was $ 2546, 4 million (equivalent), given the support payments
"Naftogaz Ukraine" for its outsourced "- the report says.
In addition, the report recalls that the surplus currency
NBU's interventions contributed to the increase in international reserves: in the first
half of them increased by 11, 4% - to $ 29, 524 billion, enough to finance
future imports of goods and services within five months.

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