If you have not had time to relax this summer - do not worry . In September
vacation in the Crimea is cheaper by at least 30 %. We ring in one of the hotels on the South Coast .

Holidays Velvet season for your wallet - In our September price level
June - we are told on the phone. - There are numbers of 300 hryvnia per day.
The situation is similar to other resorts of the peninsula. Near Feodosia us
even managed to find a boarding house, where in September to take a rest only on
25 hryvnia per day. Given that the weather in Crimea at this time is good,
then in September - a month for those who prefer to save money. Cheaper and
Turkish resorts. But there is noticeable decline in prices is not so much - in Antalya
You can save 10-15%. Currency, the hryvnia strengthened will not seem to
subsequently cease to dollar cheaper. The fact that the NBU specifically
holding back the strengthening of the hryvnia, ceasing to reduce the rate of intervention. At this
time the official rate of 7, 89 hryvnia per U.S. dollar. - In the short
run the NBU will not allow strengthening the national currency, in spite of
then that the resumption of inflationary pressures is the argument "for" strong
UAH, - predicts analyst "Erste Bank" Marian Zablocki. - During
the next few months we will see only a little more hryvnia
provided improved performance of exports, which currently remain
relatively weak. As for the euro, its price in Ukraine will depend
of the value of European currency on international markets. Farewell to the table, low
This summer rates were present for the happy housewife. Because of the sharp
lower prices for many vegetables and fruit, inflation in Ukraine has fallen slightly
Do not to their lowest level in recent years. But heat waves burned
crop yields around the world, and now even been talk in the Ukraine,
to prohibit the importation and thus keep prices within the country. And although
Government and the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine in one voice assured that
bread does not rise in price, from some regions have already been reports of increased
prices. Meanwhile, experts predict that after the grain will grow
prices for other products. As for the bread, then the experts' forecasts
disagree: they predict a rise in prices of 10 to 50% by the end of the year. Hence,
September increase of no more than 5%. Following the rise in price of grains
and meat. This will happen because of rising feed prices. In this case there is a clear
proportional relationship. - If the price of grain rose by 10%, rates
for food will grow somewhere in the 8% rise in prices of meat and can be expected at
5% - said the head of analytical department of the agency "AAA"
Maria Kolesnik. That is, when grain prices rise by 20% rise in price for meat
10%, and rise in price for grain and a half times the price of meat will jump at least
a quarter. In September, this dependence will not be much more noticeable. Meat
add in the price of not more than 2-3%. Over the last month the purchase price of milk
of the population has risen by an average of 10-15%. And this trend will continue.
According to forecasts of analytical agency "Infagro" for the winter purchase price
will grow by another 30-50%. And in September milk price will rise by 10%. But the sugar
should not go up. At least so we assured the head of the ACU Alex Kostusev.
- The sugar market today we see no alarming trends - said an official
during communication with the readers of "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - And objective grounds, that
rising prices, we do not see. Maybe, according to the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation,
jump in the price of buckwheat - by 10%. But it will last until the middle of the month
until all the new harvest. After that, the price of cereals will decline.
Fuel at the pump - a small rise in price stability of fuel that
observed in late August, is easily explained - in the form of seasonal factors
Campaign for harvest, plus higher prices of oil on world markets, which
was observed earlier this month. That was added in the last week and a half
10.5 cents per liter. In September, the situation must change - in international
markets oil fell. A barrel of black gold has given less $ 75
whereas at the beginning of the month he was worth more than $ 80. Explain it to
that the global economy recovers is not as fast as we would like.
For Ukraine, this means that in late September, the decline in oil prices will affect
and the domestic retail market. Another factor that affects
on demand, will be the end of the harvest. The cost of diesel fuel can be a bit
reduced. According to the forecast of experts SEC "Psyche" at the end of field work
prices for all fuels in the country stabilized. Moreover, it is possible
By the end of the month the price will return to the level of the beginning of August, losing 10.5 cents
per liter. CTP policies go up twice as big a nuisance for most
motorists may be the fact that in the near future will increase prices
in policies of obligatory civil liability insurance (CTP).
According to preliminary data, the base rate will decrease, but due to the higher coefficients
drivers have to pay several times more. But at the same time
grow significantly limits insurer's liability for damages. If
for damage to property before the maximum limit of 25 thousand UAH. and health
- 51 ths., Now it is - 50 ths. and 100 thousand UAH. respectively.
So now for many car owners no longer need to purchase additional insurance policy
voluntary JR. But you would pay more. The base rate will fall from
291, 49 UAH. up to 180 days., insurance, you still go up because
simultaneously increased rates, which are used to determine
fare. Most affected residents of large cities, for which policy
can rise and 2, and then 3 times.

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