The attitude of the employer to the applicant , in the first place , is determined by corporate
culture of the company , that it has a strong HR- brand.

However, not all employers care about their reputation and, at times,
make mistakes in the interview process that can spoil the impression
Jobseekers and even unscrew it from the company. About seven major blunders of human
conducting the interview, the correspondent LIGABusinessInform experts
HR Portal "HeadHunter". 1. Interviewer refuses
applicant to provide information on functional responsibilities for the proposed
positions. The applicant should know exactly what he should do, not buy
"Pig in a poke." 2. In communicating with the applicant company representative is
himself as an adult with a child. The interview should take place at the "colleague-colleague"
that adjusts both of them on a friendly footing. 3. Jobseeker do not ask
Questions focused on defining its professional standards. Questions
from the category of "who do you want to be in 10 years" are important, but the applicant
is "here" and he wants to work "now." 4. More than once tolerated
Date and time of the interview. This caveat suggests that the applicant
faced with an irresponsible and not the system the employer. What if in the future
it will also bear the date and time of payment of wages? 5. Man,
interviewer, whether specialist or HR-manager of the organization
- A person in the eyes of the applicant and for that person to care.
If the candidate is a man with untidy sobesedovat appearance, not
who knows how to precisely and clearly express their thoughts, it is unlikely that people will want to
work in this company. 6. It is not logical to send the applicant
for an additional interview with the line manager who is
outside the scope of the desired position. The head, which has no representation
that do the slave, will produce very strange and unpleasant
impression. 7. But the greatest mistake - that "we will call you back." Rather,
promise, unsupported by action. Even if a candidate is not suitable for
the desired position, it must inform about it as soon as it became clear.
And suddenly it is useful in the future?

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