Bloc Yulia Tymoshenko in the Kyiv City Council chose a new chairman

They became a city council member Dennis Moskal. Re-election was held under
established procedure ("for" vote 17 out of 32 deputies) and was
result of disagreement with the faction of destructive attitude, which demonstrates
recently the leadership of this political force. Sam-elect
BYuT faction chairman commented: "In the current difficult
conditions of application of tough confrontation in the political struggle is destructive
for the country and the capital. We must not continue the confrontation, and to
urgent and effective steps to overcome the effects of long-term economic
and political crisis and the transition to a rapid recovery and development.
This is impossible in the chaos, anarchy and total blocking of any,
even just the initiatives just because they come from the political
opponents. We strive to uphold the interests of their constituents through dialogue
with our political opponents, not by provoking public
riots, strikes and civil strife. If you talk
with their opponents, they can be somewhat convincing, but if you declare them immediately
a war of annihilation, it is a sure way to destroy the whole of Ukraine. "
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