Consumer credit - the dual thing . On the one hand he is able to
objective to expand our capabilities through the early purchase of goods
long-term use (furniture, car, computer , video camera) or
real estate (apartment, cottage ), albeit at the cost of certain per cent of the
cost , estimated as the total amount of payments on the loan .

On the other hand - often entire families have become hostages to take a consumer
credit and literally ruined as a result of this action. Such
situations sometimes arise because of a confluence of unfortunate circumstances,
but more often they are formed as a result of irresponsible behavior of those
who takes a consumer loan. Therefore, in order not to fill up a this sad
statistics when making decisions about taking a consumer credit should be
observe some rules. Categorically do not take consumer
credit on the basis of the ideal, but even more so from the perspective projection condition
their finances. This means that we should not underestimate the complexity and unpredictability
life. The disease, which requires paid treatment, unplanned car repairs,
and even sudden dismissal should not catch you by surprise, on
commitments undertaken at the monthly payments for the benefit of a pre-existing
consumer credit. Ideally, take a consumer loan, it follows
only this time with a certain amount of reserve money (stash) equal to two
- Three monthly payments for the collection of consumer credit. It is not necessary
take a consumer loan with the size of monthly payments that exceed
10 - 15 percent of your monthly income. Otherwise it will be too
cumbersome, because a certain level of income, existing for
a long time to program a person to the corresponding (level
income) lifestyle and the level of spending, and monthly payments in excess of 15
percent of income, are associated with a significant adjustment of lifestyle and
level of spending, which is not easy to get used to, even psychologically. Neither the
Do not take out a loan, taking a sample of the level of income that
you will have the expected shortly after the promotion. Just think
- What you would do if it's just the expected increase, for some - that
reasons to be canceled or postponed for several months in advance? Further
- Clearly define what it is you take out a loan. It is unacceptable to take the credit
out to pay off debt, or "just for spending." And in both
Recipes case against such financial insolvency known - less
spending (which is sometimes needed to moderate their excessive consumer appetites)
and / or look for an opportunity to earn more. Consumer credit is
not a magic wand, and the actual financial instrument with its advantages
and disadvantages identified for a very rational attitude. However, because
many rules there are exceptions. Permissible to take a consumer loan
to cover debts in case they have not because of your financial
short-sightedness, and the result of force - majeure, which requires immediate
and costly remedy the situation (serious illness, a complex damage
machines, etc.). Now look for anything (subject to the above
conditions) can and sometimes must take a consumer loan, and for what
not to do so. This transport (the car), housing (apartment), subjects
home furnishings (furniture), electronics and household appliances. In general, then,
that makes our lives more comfortable and easier. But for purchasing items with
relation to the "image", "fashion" and certain "position in society," the consumer
credit to take almost meaningless. As head of personnel, and people
members of high society in a few minutes of conversation certainly understand
that you are not one of whom claims to be, despite the "camouflage" of the corresponding
clothing, accessories and gadgets. After that you will make a corresponding
findings are not positive.

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