In the near future are going to open the Dnieper for freight.
According to Transport Minister Constantine Efimenko, along the main river of Ukraine
intend to transport sand and gravel (as the trucking of goods
long distance does not pay , and river traffic around the world - most
cheap) .

Of course, that the already "not too clean water" will become even dirtier.
Ecological system of the Dnieper and can not sustain such a navigable
load. First of all affected residents of coastal villages. According to experts,
Water transport can cause no less damaging than the car. And most importantly,
which may suffer from Dnipro - is deepening the channel and construction of new
ports. - We have experts in river ecology is not so much - the vice
head of the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine Oleksiy Vasilyuk. - So
to convince the public that the increase in depth to very easily.
And similar cases have been. Do you remember, then used the area
of alluvial sand under the building (on the outskirts of Kiev). In the area of ​​reservoirs
channel depth of 3-4 meters. If you decide to increase it - it's just
harm will be more mud. Dnipro lost marshes in which they live
now a large population of birds. Some of them are very rare. In addition,
expansion of existing ports and construction of the new finish off an already contaminated
river. The most interesting thing is that Ukraine is really not a lot of experts
on the ecology of reservoirs. And before the decision was officially made public
no study that will remain on the Dnieper River after shipping.
And does not this mean that in a few years he will repeat the sad fate of sudoplavnogo
Rhine, one of the most polluted rivers in Europe?

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