The National Bank ordered the credit agencies to report on the amount received
their fee income from each transaction , said the publication "Kommersant- Ukraine ."

The journalists decided to find out how flimsy the sudden interest in the NBU
to commission policy banks, trying to pay their Kiev office
account in favor of a legal entity. Fee for this service to an average of
1-1, 2% of the amount of payment, but the minimum amount was unexpectedly high.
For example, "Astra Bank" asked 8 hryvnia, "VAB Bank", "ProCredit Bank" and "Financial
and Credit "- 10 hryvnia," Alfa Bank "- 12 hryvnia," UniCredit Bank "and the" Erste
Bank "- 15 hryvnia. The branches of banks such high tariffs explained
high maintenance costs, which include a number of factors. For comparison:
In 2008, banks charge a fee for their services at a rate of 0, 2-0, 7%
minimum amount in the majority of institutions do not exceed 1-2 hryvnia. Increase
Commission banks began in the midst of crisis, when their financial results
left much to be desired. Since early 2009, the banking system works
at a loss, which is only eight months of this year amounted to 8, 94 billion
hryvnia. In this case the past two years banks are not given credit, especially
individuals, while activity in the area of ​​corporate lending is observed
only in the last few months. Therefore, the total fee and commission income, which was formed
mainly due to additional payments to the grant and loan servicing,
seriously reduced. If in the I half of 2009, he was 7, 55 billion
hryvnia, then I half of 2010 - 6, 95 billion hryvnia (a reduction of
7, 94%). According to the operative data of the NBU, the total amount of commission payments to
September 1 of 9, 5 billion hryvnia, which is 10, 6% of the income of banks.
Along with the fee change for cash management services
banks change and other tariffs. Many of them are getting help on the availability
account costs an average of 10 hryvnia. But for its execution in the bank "Forum"
the journalist took 100 hryvnia, whereas in the contract amount was specified 25
hryvnia. The press service of the bank declined to say why a four-fold
growth rate. An employee of one of the offices of the "Forum" explained it this way: the bank
free draws through, maintains map, and he needs to earn at least
on something. The main reason for an unlimited increase in prices for banking services in
that the size of the commissions are not regulated by laws and not limited to the regulator.
To the high commission rates in the banking market has shown interest Antitrust
Committee and has already banned "Oschadbank" demand from clients not covered by
legislation committee for payment of administrative services. The reason
Committee for intervention was that "Oschadbank" charge 2% commission
pay the amount of payment for services the Main Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kyiv
which came in a special account security officials. However, banks should not be
fear that the Anti-Monopoly Committee can force them to reduce tariffs
or cancel altogether different commissions - the case "Oschadbank" continued
several years because of delays to provide the necessary information for
institution which was punished only administrative fines. Bankers
continue to increase charges. The gradual improvement in the macroeconomic
only indicators of Ukraine is pushing banks to increase rates. In the future,
may be new types of fees. So, in March and April four
Russian banks have begun to charge a fee of 7% to depositors for deposits
deposit, and the Federal Antimonopoly Service began checking their only
in September. Need to introduce new or increase existing commissions
Bankers explain the concern about the comfort of customers.

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