Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine today will begin an unscheduled
check Nikolaev Alumina Refinery and Zaporozhye aluminum plant .
It is on these companies can be repeated man-made disaster ,
which occurred in Hungary

On Friday, First Vice Prime Minister Andriy Klyuyev signed a decree establishing
Government Commission, which will check all strategically dangerous
objects in the Ukraine in order to prevent a disaster similar to the accident
alumina refinery in Hungary. In Ukraine there are two companies, which can
repeated technological catastrophe, similar to Hungary. This Zaporozhye
aluminum smelter and Nikolayev Alumina Plant. Situated on the ground
frozen sludge volume of 5-6 million cubic meters. m. The second company
engaged in continuous processing of alumina and stores the waste processing
in two stores totaling more than 20 million cubic meters. m. According to experts,
Store at Ukrainian mills are more serious threat to the ecology
than Hungarian. The fact that the Hungarian company 20% of waste was stored
in liquid form, and 80% - in the dry. On the Nikolaev Alumina is the ratio
50 to 50. "The composition of our slag more liquid, and in case of emergency
These toxic waste faster than released to the environment ", - says first
Deputy Head of the Ukrainian National Environmental League Tatiana Timochko. Except
of Nicholas and the company raised fears of the large volumes
landfilled waste. Not so long ago the plant was put into operation
is the second sludge, which covers an area of ​​150 hectares. And on
been operating for over 30 years accumulated a store number 1 about 20 million cubic meters.
m red mud, which the slightest accident, falls in the first Bug
estuary, and it is from the Black Sea. "If a failure occurs, the land on
the crash site in ten years will be just dead. Groundwater is also
strongly affected, not to mention the environmental disaster in the Black Sea "
- Said Tatiana Timochko. The accident at the aluminum plant in Hungary occurred
October 4, 2010 The explosion at the plant was destroyed by the dam,
cderzhivayuschey tank with toxic waste. Several communities
settlements were flooded red mud - an insoluble precipitate, formed
the production of alumina. The accident resulted in seven people died, 160 were
burns of varying severity. As the "case" Chief Specialist
Environmental Inspection Emergency Yuri Tchaikovsky, a government commission
would report back to Cabinet by November 1, 2010. At this
time for all plants, there is one serious problem - a lack of quality
equipment for processing of red mud. Because of this, every year in Ukraine
collected 1, 2 million tons of toxic waste. And to date, total
volume of waste red mud was 25 million tons. "The sludge is occupied
huge territory, who can not recycle. Is infinitely
can not continue, otherwise Ukraine will turn into a sludge storage "-
resents the first deputy head of the All-Ukrainian Ecological League Tatiana
Timochko. According to her, red mud - a dangerous substance, which is disposed
difficult and expensive, so it is stored in tanks for decades. Nicholas
Alumina zavodNikolaevsky Alumina Refinery is one of Europe's largest
non-ferrous metallurgy. Included in the combined company "Russian
aluminum. " Put into operation in July 1980. Power - 1 million tonnes of alumina
per year. The first sludge was put into operation simultaneously with the
commissioning of the plant in 1980 and is designed for 20 million cubic meters. m red mud. In
2004 was commissioned sludge number 2 to the technology of "dry"
storage of red mud, which is located within 150
ha. The design capacity of sludge is 1, 5 million cubic meters. m per year.
At the same time within enterprises rush to reassure him. "Storage is
under constant surveillance. We often go through certification, "- says
Head of Press and Information Office Nikolaev Alumina Refinery Irina Prokhorova.
In the Ministry of Natural Resources confirmed "case" that Nicholas was a factory in September
state ecological expertise. Worry about your property and in Kiev.
"The object is frozen slurry tank and is on the balance sheet. Our Store
can not break through because it is a natural cavity in the
breed, rather than artificially created ", - says Director General of Zaporozhye
Alexander Kotyukov aluminum smelter. Zaporozhye Aluminium kombinatzalk
The only aluminum producer in Ukraine. Included in the joint
the company "Russian Aluminium". Commissioned in 1933. Power
- 100 thousand tons of primary aluminum per year. The plant is situated on the territory
already inactive sludge volumes 5-6 million cubic meters. m. Recall that
at the Zaporozhye plant has an accident. In May 2008 there was a
breakthrough pipeline that pumped the sludge. Then flooded
4 streets. The reason, as the investigation established that was a deliberate twist shutoff
valves in the sump slurry tank. However, if the accident
One of these plants occur, the perpetrators will be extremely difficult to find. Thus,
the question of "business", who in authority will be responsible if
failure occurs, the City Council Nikolayev said: the plant is located in the Office
RSA, and they will be responsible for the consequences. In most
the same state administration said that no relationship to the plant and have no
for all liability incurred by the owner - the Russian billionaire's company
Deripaska "Rusal". "If something happens, it will meet all", - noted
representative of the Nikolaev Alumina Refinery Irina Prokhorova. How dangerous
red mud Red mud itself is not toxic and dangerous
health and the environment. However, in the production of alumina is used alkaline
solution, and that it is dangerous. Lye causes burns to the skin, mucous
membranes. Heavy metals contained in the sludge, leading to reduced intellectual
development, attention and focus skills in children, adults - to increase
blood pressure, numbness, or tingling in the extremities, muscle
pain, headache, abdominal pain, loss of memory and immunity, anemia,
liver and kidney damage.

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