The growth of average wages in September at 3% was the reason for PR
officials, but not pleased working Ukrainians. Almost
half of Ukrainians still have enough money only for food ,
According ProUa.

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov with the TV screen trying to
persuade Ukrainians that their incomes are rising faster than inflation.
Moreover, he skillfully manipulates the figures, saying that the size of
the average salary in Ukraine has already reached 2400 USD. and inflation
co-hundred-vi-la all of 2, 9%. Although in reality, according to Goskomstat, the
The average salary in the last month was only 2349 USD. and figure
average for January-September is even lower - only 2176 USD. On
Indeed, salary growth in the early fall slightly softened her fall
in auto-gu-power up to 2280 UAH. But the summer level was not reached in June
and July, statistics showed wages in 2373 UAH. and 2367 UAH. That
As for inflation, since the beginning of the year, even according to official statistics
this figure rose to 7, 4%. But inflation Ukrainians track
no official figures, but speed "slimming" purses.
Rise in prices of virtually all goods and services during the year
rapidly turns the pockets of Ukrainians. A-pla-zar you consider there-
honey-linen-it. This summary suggests, after comparing the number
data: the growth rate of consumer prices for goods and services
September 2010 and December last year, as well as the size of salaries
in the indicated-zan-nye ne-ri-o-dy. For example, the price index for food
and non-alcoholic beverages rose by 8, 8% for alcohol and cigarettes
- 18%. Utilities and fuel went up by 12, 5%, education
- 9%, transportation and medical services - for 4, and 5%. This juice can be spin-no
continue to refine and to infinity. Liu-bo-tor-but-other-and many more.
Average patch in December 2009 was only 5, 2% less (2233
hrn.) than in the current September. It turns out that prices rose in two
times faster than the increased wages in the country. You-in-dy
disappointing: people started to get bigger, but their standard of living
not increased, since the entire increase "ate" the rise in prices. Not-for-Nhat, but what
Officials are so proud ... Recruiters who every day have
dealing with real data on wages, confirm that despite
official statistics, more and more of the population with each
month becomes poorer. As the director of recruiting
of "Fast and the Furious" Elena Grischuk, when the market is on the side of the employer,
companies doing their best to keep wages at a lower
level and do not want them to improve. Expert Portal Employment Sergei Dovgich adds: despite rising prices, index
and wage increases, employers, with rare exceptions,
This year was not performed. "Given the increased over this period
inflation and growth correlate with an increase in salary proposals
the cost of food and utilities (which is more real
rate than the increase or decrease in official statistics), then
In this perspective, wages have gone down even Ukrainians ", - says
Ser-gay Dov Geach. Even if the employer compensates the employee
wage with respect to the official inflation rate, the person still
the impression that money was sufficient for a smaller number of
a-wa-goods and services. "Rather it is to notice those who tend to plan
their costs than those who are prone to spontaneous spending "- notes
psychologist recruitment company Persona Vera Frolova. Co-quo-gi-lo
divide people into four groups: those who have enough to meet the
basic needs, and those who have enough for food and clothing, and those who
enough for food, clothing and appliances, and those who are lacking in
acquisition of large property, such as buying real estate.
"Accordingly, those who are on the borders of a single category
of welfare levels are more sensitive to higher prices
life ", - says Vera Frolova. The expert notes that many
professionals and executives are between the third and fourth
ka-te-ho-ri-ya-mi. For them, the race for the betterment of the transformed
to run on the IU-power. "They work more, but their standard of living is not growing,"
- Ob-nc-NJ-em it. As the results of the survey Kiev
International Institute of Sociology, held in mid-
October 43, 8% of Ukrainians have enough money only for food, and buying
odezh-do they have the same cha-lo. 32, 4% of respondents can afford
dress, and something to save, 5, 7% - can buy some expensive
things, and only 0, 3% - all he wants. In this case 16, 2% refuted-sheng-GOVERNMENTAL
claim that they have a serious save because the money
do not hwa-ta-em da same for food. For comparison: in the EU costs
on food, on average, about 10% of income.
Azarov promises to reach the level 2700 UAH. media-it-pla-zar to you
country in December, looks menacing, because people are already well
learned: once the government starts talking about revenue growth,
price tags on products automatically increase.

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