Emerge victorious from the battle with unscrupulous companies can , without
assistance to vessels or companies rights to protect consumers , not rushing to help

Among the advertising spam in your mailbox there is always an ad firm,
which "quickly and accurately," make furniture. It would seem that competition
the buyer only to the hand. But in fact, among many similar firms much
unfair. In furniture online forums weight of misguided comments
buyers, and at special sites even have "black lists" of entrepreneurs.
Meet with a representative of a "board of honor" had to
Unfortunately, I do. Marriage to a home delivery Kitchenette I looked at
supermarket. Remember the company - Zaporizhzhya factory "Company" (Kiev
Division is located in Brovary) and made an order over the phone. It so happened
that at the time of delivery of the houses were just parents retired. With nuances of shopping
on the Internet, they do not know. Therefore, when the company brought workers corner
a half-assembled (to make it easier to transport), parents,
visually assessed the furniture, paid them money. Those suddenly went away, abandoning
to complete the final assembly. Although, as it turned out, the price of this service
included. When we started to connect all the pieces, it turned out that corner
rejected: the parts are not docked to each other in size. Our complaints
the company ignored - they say, sort it out themselves, with furniture all right.
Only four days later agreed to send us their garbage. He
scroll down for half an hour of furniture, admitted - a marriage. Corner cornered, but
even this was not an argument for the firm's management. We are daily fed
"Breakfast", each time promising to solve the problem "as soon as immediately."
Not for whether to buy time? As is known, within 14 days
the buyer has an unconditional right to return goods without even explaining the reasons.
At a regular call our branch manager has said, you know I do not know
I do not sell you anything and you can prove - our press you do not.
Looked at the invoice, we gasped: it was not something that the press, but also a little bit
details. From the documents we only had a passport for furniture. That's really goof ...
At the plant in Zaporozhye surprising answer that affect its branch
can not. Was useless and the Kyiv Regional Office for the Protection
Consumer Rights: they recommend to state a problem in writing
and mail to the company. Only if the firm within a month
the complaint does not respond, then there can be accessed in their management.
Crush's reputation Addressing it by accident. I noticed that in his
Online company "Company" boasts membership in the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Makers
(Tel. 495-45-40). Much to my surprise, my problem in the association
listened, scanned documents, which were in my arms, and promised
help. The next day, the deputy director of the Kiev branch of the producer called
I personally and said that the problem will be solved. The next day took the defective
area, returning the money - 1347 UAH. I lost only the amount for the delivery and recovery
furniture on the floor (210 USD). According to lawyers, compensation for such expenses anywhere
not spelled out. - If we turn deceived by one of our members have a buyer
- We will try to solve his problem - says Victoria NESMIYAN, Director
association, which including 112 manufacturers and sellers of furniture. -
If you can not resolve the problem at the branch level, call the main office
- The owner of the company. If we see that the buyer is right and the owner
still stop, we put to the board meeting the issue of exclusion
the company of our association. According to Victoria Alekseeva, their association
lobbying for the interests of its members in government agencies and other sectors. Therefore,
As a rule, all members value their membership. In addition, the statute
the company registered a code of honor furniture maker, who must adhere to
All members of the association. To dispel any doubts the reader, I would say that the journalistic
I do not peel the "light". So from personal experience I can say that this
assistance is quite likely. And even if your abuser is not a member of the UMA, look for other
regalia, which he cherishes. Probably, in an establishment that has provided them,
You can find their own truth. Legal advice PARUSH Eugene, a lawyer practicing
protection of consumer rights in court: * How to protect yourself - Be sure to enclose
contract, which clearly list the date of the order, the cost of goods
and responsibilities of the parties in the event of breach of contract. For example, for delay
- Fine. In addition to the contract, the parties would do well to sign the act and made
works - when everything will be done in full. Naturally, you need to get
on hand and a receipt / invoice or receipt for payment of goods. This is the basic document
without which defend their interests in court would be bad. If you slipped
without an invoice and print details - will need to first prove its authenticity.
Documents on the furniture did not confirm payment, and that the defendants could play.
* What to do if you cheated - If you sold a defective product
- Immediately report it to the seller. If he refuses to replace it
or refund you - write a written request to do so. If
you bring such a statement to the seller, and it points you in the door - please
requirement for registered mail. You will come back with the date
and a note that the subject has received your letter. The company is obliged to him
respond as soon as possible. If this does not happen within a week
contact with the spine and other documents to the court or Office
Consumer Protection. In such cases, the plaintiff shall be exempt from state tax
and pays only for information and technical support - 120 UAH. At
the price of goods in one and a half thousand hryvnia - the amount of considerable - should be required
and non-pecuniary damage. Our country is reasonable to ask up to five thousand
hryvnia. If you give two thousand - will be well. Also, usually when
win all the court expenses borne on the shoulders of the defendant.

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