Employers are actively looking for sales managers, IT professionals , technologists , food industry
professionals and a few scarce jobs

Recently, for job searching and recruiting job seekers and employers
are increasingly using the Internet. Therefore, we analyzed some experts
Employers are looking for sites for employment. Studied the vacancy, the proposed
Last month on popular websites to find staff: rabota.ua,
job.ukr.net, www.work.ua, www.trud.ua, hh.ua, www.rabotaplus.com.ua and www.rabota2000.com.ua.
Judging by the number of ads on the search for staff in recent market
Labor noticeably brightened up, and in some segments are already approaching pre-crisis
indicators. According to Director General Personnel Portal hh.ua Marina
Poppies in November, employers have placed 40% more job offers
than in March, and in general the labor market in autumn reached its highest rate
for the full year 2010. This information was confirmed by official statistics
data: "In the last months of 2010, an increase of
vacancies that employers provide public service employment "
- Reported "Bagnetu" in the State Employment Center. Along with the increase
number of vacancies at the employment service state that "the problem of imbalance
in the labor market remains critical, "they say, the demand for specialists of different professions
very different. "Bagnet" has made its own list of the most popular
professions in the Ukraine. This ranking is compiled based on information sites
employment and, in our opinion, quite objectively reflects the current
state of the labor market. 1. In the list of most popular professions in the lead
sales managers. Such experts are needed in virtually every industry:
from the automotive market and ending the sphere of intellectual services.
2. In second place in our ranking of IT professionals. Job offers for them
in half. First and foremost, employers need to be programmers
(PHP, C + +, Java, 1C), WEB-developers and IT Director, Professional
on banking systems, databases and IT security. 3. High demand
engineers, technologists and quality managers, as well as other
manufacturing disciplines. Moreover, much of the job - in
the food industry. 4. Many employers offer jobs to representatives of
working professions, in particular - the electricians and joiners, mechanics and
plumbing, drivers and baggage handlers, nannies, cleaners and seamstresses. Vacancies for
work published in special headings ("Blue), so
and most of the other entries ("Production", "Construction", "Office
personnel "). 5. Again, the demand for brand managers, advertising specialists,
Marketing and PR, that some of our consultants are associated with increased
economy - the company, they say, are beginning to implement new strategies, for which
need specialists in "promotion". 6. In the autumn significantly increased the number of
vacancies in the banking sector, often offer job managers
working with clients and specialists in lending, bank managers
branches and tellers. 7. A large number of auditors are also required and
accountants. It should be noted that a special demand chief accountants,
that would be completely carried accounts of a small firm and simultaneously performed
Acting Chief Financial Officer. 8. Today there is a demand for specialists
Logistics \u0026 Foreign Trade, Customs Brokers. 9. Need for workers in the construction
industry also increased, although by comparison with the pre-crisis situation, the demand
still small. If before the mass needed laborers, employers now
increasingly looking for highly qualified architects, superintendents, and engineers. 10.
Trailing in the ranking was a group of vacancies for office workers (office managers,
assistant manager, operators, PC) and managers of different levels: Chiefs
departments and areas, directors of sales and marketing, regional
and IT directors. Unfortunately, sites of employment are not fully
reflect the demand for personnel working specialties. A large part of the representatives of
these professions are not active Internet users, and employers
prefer to advertise on the search for locksmiths, plumbers, movers,
vendors, cooks and waiters in local newspapers or look for
them through the unemployment office. It is estimated portal hh.ua, Internet gets no more than
10% of the total number of vacancies for representatives of blue-collar occupations.
At the same time on them the greatest demand for labor exchange. As reported by "Bagnetu"
the State Employment Center, "the most popular today are
profession of highly skilled workers - fitters, turners, electric and gas welder,
drivers, cooks, vendors and other representatives of blue-collar occupations. "
But the most popular - does not mean the most highly paid: many
Representatives of scarce occupations are relatively modest financial
remuneration, to a large extent responsible for the lack of specialists
in the industry. Recall "Bagnet" already wrote about what professions are most
"Money." Experts believe that in the coming years will be in great demand
for representatives of workers and highly skilled professions
in information technology and manufacturing. "As for the medium
perspective, as well as 5, 10, 15 years ago, and in the future, the underlying demand
there will be representatives of workers in occupations. Among employees in
next few years demand will be greatest engineers and
IT professionals highly qualified "- projected at the National Centre
employment. According to hh.ua, in 2011, primarily to continue
shortage of such professionals on how C + + developer and PHP developer. "We expect
that the average payroll proposal in Ukraine to increase by 10%. At the same time
companies will not lower wages to its employees in 2011. So they say
Our insiders "- said" Bagnetu "Marina Macs. In December. , at
labor market will be a lull - in the pre-holiday rush employers
are unlikely to seek new employees. Therefore, a surge of new jobs should be
not expected until the end of January 2011

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