Get rid of the "orange peel" in the home

Cellulite is ugly! Since cellulite is necessary to fight! And do it
not necessarily expensive beauty salons. There are many ways
get rid of cellulite at home. In medicine, cellulitis - an inflammation of the
subcutaneous fat. The people of this term is called "orange
peel "thighs and buttocks. The causes are considered - a violation of
lymphatic drainage (lymphatic fluid drainage problem areas) and fat
deposits resulting from the features of the female body (level
female sex hormones). The distinguishing features of cellulite: 1. Surface
tissues in certain parts of the body loose and thin, by pressing with your fingers
easily. Dense nodules palpated. The skin in these areas indicated
increased capillary fragility, frequent bruising. This so-called "soft
Cellulite. " 2. Superficial tissues, by contrast, tight, leather is almost always
dry, wrinkled, if you pinch it with your fingers, it seems that under the skin roll
pellets. This is a "solid" cellulite. On the cellulite fight possible and necessary, but
use all methods at once - good nutrition, healthy lifestyles,
exercise, vacuum massage with cream. Then the result
provided. Special diet for cellulite does not exist. Effective
only when excess weight and cellulite radically restructure the apparent power:
instead of meat is lean fish and poultry, to prepare as possible, without salt
and cream sauce, there is plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole
grains, low-fat milk to drink. Try to eat slowly 4-5 times a day
same time. Drink more water! This - the simplest way to clean the body
of toxins. During the day the body is removed and 2 liters of water along
toxins with it. Vital role of getting rid of cellulite are vegetables, especially
bright colors - tomatoes, spinach, red pepper. Vegetables and salads of them contribute
restoration of tissue affected by cellulite. Get rid of extra pounds.
Best to start with proper nutrition. Lose weight must be carefully
and very slow! The dramatic reduction in weight leads to a worsening of cellulite!
Tissue affected by cellulite, it is desirable to mass every day, because
Massage stimulates circulation and metabolism. It is quite appropriate may
to be an old way of dry brush massage or mitt. Many women
like electrical massage devices: they can be run longer and
chances of success are increased. It is recommended to use such a device 5-10
minutes per day. Massage is also good for warming up muscles before sports training.
Jumping from cellulite: jump every day 100 times a day. Must jump
not high, be sure to relax the muscles of the legs and abdomen, if necessary, hold
chest. Cellulite is afraid of loads on the muscle! Conclusion: our bodies need a constant
load so that the muscles were in good shape. To do this, a great combination
fitness (eg, step or trainers) and belly dancing, because dance
great relax all your muscles. To double the result, when classes
fitness necessary to use anti-cellulite cream and wear on the lesson
neoprene shorts (no more than an hour). I can assure you that cellulite is gone,
without a trace. But good tools to combat cellulite at home
conditions. Bath with olive and orange oil for cellulite: Dilute
in olive oil a few drops of orange oil and pour it all
in the bath. Gradually diminish cellulite. While bathing your skin will be
pinch from time to time, and it was good. Home Coffee Body Mask of cellulite
and body fat: the coffee grounds to add a little blue clay and water,
better mineral. Massaging, apply to slightly damp skin. Caffeine helps
breakdown of fat, and clay "pulls" excess fluid from the subcutaneous tissue.
Vinegar wraps cellulite: apple cider vinegar and water diluted 1:1.
You can add lemon, mint or rosemary. At places affected by cellulite
applied a mixture, then they turn around with plastic wrap. It's desirable
put on some warm clothes and, if desired - to actively move or lie down
under a blanket for 0, 5-1 hours. The mixture is washed off and use moisturizer
cream. Anti-aging body wrap of seaweed for the hip: 2 packs of dry
seaweed to fill at least 1 hour in two liters of hot water (60-70 degrees).
Strain sea kale. Mass applied to the hips, wrap the polythene.
Wrap up warm scarves hip scarves or lie down and in a mummified
state for about an hour. Natural body wraps for cellulite and
elasticity of the skin: Take the clay (blue, white), 3-4 drops of orange essential
butter, 3 tbsp. spoon cinnamon, plastic sheeting in a roll. All the ingredients
Mix well, mix the clay with a little warm water. Apply
problem areas and wrap film. You can top dress the dense film
shorts, then cover with a warm blanket and sit or lie down for 1 hour.
Initially, the skin a little sting, but then everything goes, because the orange butter
already absorbed into the skin. After a rinse in the shower and apply moisturizer. The effect is stunning.
Wraps of seaweed, clay and lemon oil for the body to grind on
grinder kelp, take any clay, but better black, dilute it with water
and add 2 tbsp. l. chopped seaweed, adding there is an additional 5 drops of oil
lemon or orange. Mix everything put on the body, wrap in foil
and lie down for 40 minutes. Then rinse. Massage brush on cellulite: skin look
ideally help brush with stiff bristles, each time taking a shower, energetic
walk around in a circular motion on its hips, buttocks and back. Daily
prodelyvat to this complex. Vacuum massage with honey of cellulite:
take honey and a bowl (bowl, jar) for a massage. In the bath (a bath)
well to steam, then take the palm honey and rub in a circular motion
on the problem areas of the body. Get a bowl and circular movements pressing
to the edge of the body to make a vacuum massage. When you press the air out bowls ejected
and the body is drawn back slightly. Periodically "pull" the bowl from the body,
and again to make a circular motion. Procedure prodelyvat at least 2 times
week. Regulate the duration of the massage to suit individual
features. If the skin does not itself sucked, it is necessary, keeping tight bowl,
shove your finger a little more skin inside. And then she easily prisosetsya.
Anti-cellulite cosmetics improves microcirculation and leaves skin supple,
and cellulite bumps less noticeable. To the nutrients for sure
fell into the fatty subcutaneous tissue - cellulite cosmetics recommended
combined with the wraps.

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