New Year's interior - are essential for any hostess . In Western Europe
Pre- training begins in November, are prepared pre-
Christmas and New Year holidays . Final week of December - the most
exciting, because that's when housewives are engaged in the most significant
trouble and to prepare the interior apartments, and the preparation of gifts.

Most importantly, the New Year can not be imagined without a Christmas tree.
However, why not break that tradition, try to involve their
imagination and decorate with natural materials. There are some plants,
which seems to be created for it. Everything else, if your green
pet itself, "celebrates the blossoming", then most likely he will refuse to participate
in the celebration. Though he is undemanding, but it create decent conditions.
You can draw an original "flower basket". To do this, we can take such
plants anthurium as, cyclamen, spatifillyum, poinsettia. You can add more
green branches of pine nuts and artichokes, golden thistle, hydrangea flowers
and pine cones. Deposition of gold will give the whole ensemble of festive
and brilliant appearance. I hope you understand, is being done similar experiments
with live plants can not, because they will die. Find a nice basket
Inside lay the plastic wrap. Pots of flowers put inside the basket.
Gap fill piaflorom raw, it set the pine or spruce
branches, then lay the beautiful thistle, artichokes, nuts and pine cones.
Everything else depends entirely on your imagination. You can take a little
toys, ribbons, figurines of angels and gnomes, shiny garland. If
Your composition will be prepared with love and affection, she will not leave
indifferent nor you neither your guests, and will be a long time to please others
after the holidays. Further, important to determine the color scheme, so that
was maintained overall style. Classic red and green, have come
to us from Catholic Europe, popular enough, you can select them. Not
Recently, in the interior of the New Year it was fashionable monochrome decoration: even
Christmas trees decorated with Christmas balls, garlands, bows of one or at most,
two colors. Today, designers of Europe recommended to return to the traditional
for this holiday colors - white, red, green, blue, silver,
gold. Just in such diverse, rich, vibrant and rich color
scheme and are advised to decorate the apartment. You can decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year in different
styles, but still be relevant style "metallic." Metallic is
view decoration in golden and silver flowers, silver spray
spray, silver and blue balloons. This year, the most popular colors
- Warm browns, along with cold turquoise violet. C
last year, "zolotomanii" were popular toys in the spirit of carnival
Venice. We want to remind you that today most of fashionable jewelry - "well
forgotten "the attributes of the former Christian Christmas. For example, today in fashion
Toys made of straw. "Squeak" Christmas tree fashion - the effect of "snow cover": can be spread
branches stationery glue and sprinkle with grated foam or salt. Can
also take a special formula that can now be bought in any department
Christmas decorations whether a store. Its place of honor is occupied Toys
of crystal or glass, which are very similar to the simple icicles.
Will look stylish natural living ornaments - cinnamon sticks, nuts,
dried slices of lemon and even fresh flowers. Naturally, this is not all secrets
decorations for the New Year, every housewife, most likely, there is something
special. So do not forget to use the secret in the New Year and share
them with friends.

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