Verkhovna Rada intends to cancel the card driver's license .

For adoption on first reading the bill number 7066 voted
239 deputies in the required 226. It is learned that the initiators of the bill
On amendments to some laws (regarding cancellation of the certificate to pass
Driver improvement and settlement in the area of ​​security
traffic) are the Rada deputies Sergey Gusarov (Party of Regions)
and Natalie King (Yulia Tymoshenko). The bill proposes
to amend Part 9 of Article 15 of the Law on Road Traffic, according to
that the right to drive vehicles the appropriate category
confirmed by a certified driver of a vehicle with the established
expiration date. Also, according to the bill's authors, the development of the document
due to the necessity of bringing the provisions of the Article to the requirements of
European legislation. In particular, the legislative embodiment
need to obtain certification to pass the driver is not consistent
with the requirements of the International Convention on Road Traffic, according to which
the right to drive a motor vehicle shall be certified only to relevant
identity. Now the right to drive vehicles appropriate
category confirmed the identity of the vehicle driver
with established validity and voucher to driver's certificate

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