For some, the end of December - the time of idleness, but to someone else - a chance to earn extra money.
After the festive period of labor is not enough, here , and employers gain
people on temporary work. Where now we need people willing to work on holidays
learned the "Today" .

To the aid of Santa Claus to more work for couriers. Delivering gifts,
Congratulations and mail in the office as well as mailboxes,
You can earn from 10 to 12 UAH. per hour. Working 6 hours a day, a week
You can adjust your budget for 420-500 USD. MONEY FRONT OFFICE forging unusual
suggests a way to make sometimes life itself. Very good at it
especially in the last days before holidays, when people have the weekend begin
closely engaged in purchase of products and gifts and lined up in supermarkets
kilometer queue. But stand they do not all have the time. And you have
and you have to offer a place at the box office standing in the tail at a reasonable price -
only 5 USD. If you hire a family member, from 15.00 to 22.00, while working
"As hard as the feet," all together can be "podkalymit" to 1000 UAH. And the divide
is not necessary - everything goes into one pot family. Just choose a supermarket
larger, so there were many banks. Nurse on the tab if you have experience
nanny or maid work, you can safely turn to recruitment agencies
personnel. It is also one of the most popular occupations for the period
holidays. "MAID ask owners of large houses. As a rule,
they already have a permanent employee, but for the pre-cleaning may
take and helper. So with the nannies. Permanent, usually released in small
vacation and weekend hire smenschitsu ", - says Alexander Zaitsev
development manager and the personnel agency domestic service "Hostess."
Agency with the name value their reputation and cooperate only with reliable
personnel. Required experience - at least a year. Also require medspravki
and recommendations. Rates for cleaning the house depends on the complexity of work.
8-10 hours pay 400-800 USD. Babysitting services are valued higher than usual:
if the standard fee for babysitting 50 UAH. per hour, on New Year's Eve it
is at least 100 UAH. WAITER FOR THE DAY money search of happiness
possible and in restaurants. According to Rostislav Atamanchuk, restaurant manager
"Panorama", temporary workers are needed to serve large events,
when the restaurant staff is not enough. "Typically, banquet or
receptions of more than 300 people ", - says the expert. And now the season
"Korporativok" so that these "big events" are held every
day, until December 31, and problems with finding part-time work should not be.
True, if the supermarkets for temporary work are willing to take people without
experience in the restaurant is required. "In addition, preference is given to
men to 30 years "- said Marina Solienko, director of the restaurant" Shangrila ".
Payment of temporary workers in the restaurant depends on the qualification and status
event. For a change in the 12 hours you can earn 200 USD. up to 600 UAH.
And it may be a ceiling, since, according to Marina Solienko, temporary
waiters often hired for one day. Tip - go to second jobs
in those institutions where part of the amount paid in advance, and the remaining money
- After work. Earn money for gift ACTIONS Now any self-respecting
a shopping center offers gift shares. And for these young people need
pleasing appearance, which may in a sense, sensibly, with the arrangement
propiarit advertised product. Simply put, the promoters. "On New Year's
they are the most popular "- says Elena Popova, Head of Department
recruitment of "Walrus and partners." Per hour pay an average of
17-25 UAH. As a rule, work - 4-5 hours a day. Total for the gift shares
which will last from 22 to 31 December, you can earn 1250 USD. Advice
- Choose the agency that provides for the work on a holiday bonus.
These are. The main thing - search well. SELLER "beauty" Most running
product of the second half of December - the Christmas tree. So now, perhaps, one of the most
demanded vacancy seller prickly goods. Having scored three in the search engine cherished
the word "seller requires trees," I found in a few seconds about a dozen
such proposals. Surprised by the difference in payment. For example, a seller of artificial
Christmas trees and Christmas toys near a shopping center for 2 weeks with 8.00
promise to pay 19.00 to 4000 UAH. But in this announcement: "In the New Year
days, from mid to late December the company needed sales Trees
on the market. Point of sale central regions of Kiev. Schedule 7.00
20.00 "- promise to pay only 1,500 USD. However, the salary of 4,000 USD.
may simply be a bait to bite more people. It may
"Draw" the light well, very brisk trade in green goods. Indeed, as
Typically, the seller receives UAH 50-100. per day plus 5% of goods sold.
Tip: You agree to the job where the pay every day, but not at the end of contract
period. AT THE STORE Pickup All holidays are accompanied to customer
boom, so the supermarkets are in need of additional manpower. "We
recruit temporary staff to work for four days before the
New Year "- said Oksana Stetsenko, deputy director of Human Resources Network
supermarkets "Silpo". Cash for temporary employees not to jail. Usually
their gain for the packing of goods, cleaning, unloading of goods. For
such unskilled work experience is not needed. Pay, however, for it a bit:
hour of 08.12 USD. Total for 4 days, if you work every day for 8 hours
You can earn 400 USD. About these vacancies you can find out how
sites for employment, as well as directly in the supermarket. "Come
the store, ask, say, a security guard, where the specialist
staff or administrator. They will tell you that there are similar jobs, "
- Says Oksana Stetsenko. Tip: You come to central supermarkets
network. There you will have to know which of, say, ten stores need people.
CHIEF, TWO METER! "The demand for taxi services during the holidays, on average increases
20-30% of the orders on Friday-Sunday, - says Ivan Chica
Director of "Allo Taxi". - But to earn extra money during the holidays
possible only in small, start-offices. In reputable companies operating
in the market for many years, the strict requirements for drivers and vehicles, so
get there for 2-3 days does not make sense. " For New Year's Eve, according to
Ivan Chica, can disrupt 500-1000 UAH. Who better luck. While 10%
otstegnete taxi service for the delivery of orders.

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