Homeland persimmon is China , and from there it spread to East Asia
then started to grow in Japan. Only in the late 19th century about persimmon found
the whole world .

Persimmon has about 500 varieties. Most of them grow
in tropical climates. The main species are known to us - tart Caucasian,
neterpkaya Japanese and sweet chocolate, or a wren. Persimmons contain 2
times more dietary fiber and mineral trace elements, than apples. It
as many antioxidants. Persimmon fruit contain a large amount of water
ash, protein, carbohydrates, organic acids, tannins. This fruit
also rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, and vitamins
A, C and P. Persimmon is a dietary product, shown at frustration
digestion due to the presence of pectin. It is used in folk medicine
gastric diseases. The high content of sugars, mainly glucose
and fructose supported the health of the cardiovascular system, feeds the heart
muscle and at the same level of glucose in the blood reaches a peak. But we should not
eat persimmons with diabetes. Contained in the persimmon magnesium reduces the likelihood of
kidney stones, and vitamin A protects against cancer. Vitamins C and
P reduces the fragility of blood vessels. Persimmon is a diuretic and tonic
properties. Calms the nervous system, increases efficiency. It has a
bactericidal action against Escherichia coli and hay, golden
aureus. With cold and cough useful gargle the juice of one
ripe persimmons, mixed with 3, 5, Art. tablespoons of warm water. Persimmon can be
used for cosmetic purposes. The mask of the flesh of persimmon and egg yolk
help with advanced stages and a tendency to acne. In general, persimmon - everywhere
good! The main thing - to be able to choose a fruit that does not disappoint
its tart taste. Choose to fully ripe fruit, while the flesh
will be really juicy and tasty. Store persimmons should be very careful,
taking care not to damage the hull. It is best to keep it frozen.
By the way, freezing - a way to get rid of the astringency of the fruit. More
one way - to put the fruit in warm water for 12 hours. So, persimmon
useful for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, improves digestion
and contains many trace elements. Eating persimmon fruit to 1-2 in the day, we
not only to obtain pleasure, but also supplement our diet with useful substances.

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